NEW 9JA STORY : TANURE FOREVER [Chapter 15] || written by Donvick_AVB


Chapter 15


Tanure walked up to Richard’s study, she slowly opened the door and found his fingers moving speedily on his keyboard.

She sighed. He seem so busy, she suddenly lost the nerves to seduce him.

As if sensing her presence, he lifted up his head, his jaw dropped seeing her in just a camisole. He smiled inwardly, this was going to be a long night.

“Are you busy?”

Richard shot her a cocky smile.” If you need me for anything. Everything else can wait, Iyawomi”

He had said everything else could wait so who cares about being too straightforward.

“I want you” She blurted out.

He turned off his computer and rested his back on the chair.

“You want me for what?”

Tanure frowned. She was at the end of her rope already so he shouldn’t make this difficult for her.

“You know what I want, naw”

He grimaced slightly. “What do you want?”

She walked up to him while he felt his brain already melting at the sight of her long shapely legs.

She surprised him by sitting on his laps, fitting her legs on the either side of his thighs. Where was his shy wife? Damn! Do not mess with a horny lady.

“I want you to make love to me, hubby”

Richard smiled broadly.”Hubby?”

“Oko mi, stop wasting time” She begged.

He nodded wrapping his arms around her waist.

“When do you want me?” He asked kissing the side of her neck making her squirm in his arms.

“Now” She breathed. “Every night…..everyday.”

He grinned against her neck,he was glad she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

Tanure drew her face closer to his and let her soft lips meet his in a deep touch, teasing him slowly.

He reciprocated immediately, his hands moving all over her body pulling her more closer to him.She moaned into his mouth when she felt his hardness beneath her.Instinctively,she rocked her body against him eliciting a deep groan from him.

He broke off the kiss and rested his forehead against hers.

“I would love to take you on this table but not right now, I want to kiss and stroke every inch of you on my bed”

A quicker of excitement shot through her as he stood up carrying her in his arms and headed out of his study.

In what felt like seconds, Richard had ascended the stairs and they were in his bedroom, with the door firmly shut.

She felt as if she’d been surrounding herself with walls and now they were all tumbling down.

For a long moment, Richard looked at her, still holding her in his arms.His hand rested just below the curve of Tanure’s breasts.It hurt to breathe.

He lowered his head and his mouth touched hers.Her arms came around his neck and she sank into the kiss.

She shifted in his arms, Richard’s mouth moved over hers hungrily and then he pulled away so that he could press kisses along her jaw and when her head fell back,he pressed kisses down the delicate line of her neck,he pressed a kiss to the upper slopes of her breasts,her breath grew labored when a shaft of hot arousal went straight through her body.

Slowly, Richard lowered her down until she was standing.She took her hands away from his neck and impatiently watched as he started undoing his buttons.

He hurriedly took off his long sleeves and hauled her into his arms again, capturing her mouth and kissing her passionately,at some point,he was almost brutal, seeming to demand the very breath from her lungs.

Her own need had grown into a fever pitch.

They move blindly heading for the bed, the back of her knees hit his bed and they both sank down with a whoosh.

He held the hem of her camisole and pulled it off her body,he quickly stood up and started undoing his belt.

Tanure swallowed and looked up at him,her eyes caught by Richard’s.She heard the whisper of his zip being drawn down……his trousers dropping….his eyes never leaving hers.He came and nudged her back onto the bed, coming to lean over her.

Richard rested his hands over her.He looked down her body and his gaze stopped on her uptilted breasts,their tips tingling.He brought up a hand and lightly brushed the back of his hand over one tight nipple, making Tanure bite her bottom lip to keep a mewl of exquisite agony from erupting.

Richard looked at her again and said roughly.

“Do you know how long I’ve dreamt of this?”

She shook her head dumbly.

“Too long” and with that,his mouth covered hers again and Tanure was lost, drowning in a sea of more pleasure than she could ever have imagined existed.

He moved to the side of her neck and peppered kisses along her neck,his mouth sucking and nipping on the skin.His tongue darted out to lick her.

Her hands flew to his neck again, holding him close to her.

“Richard.. Please now” She hummed out wanting to feel his hardness already.

“Soon” He replied.The first time he had taken her,he had been after his own pleasure but now, he wanted to give her an indescribable pleasure.

His mouth hovered for a tantalizing moment over her breast before his tongue teased and licked her nipple.

She gasped. He sucked that tight peak into his mouth.

“Ahh” She moaned.He continued sucking her, gently gritting his teeth along, loving the sound that fell out from her mouth.

She felt his body come between her legs and that secret juncture spasmed in response.He pulled back and looked down, eyes glittering as he pulled her panties down and off her legs completely, dropping them somewhere out of sight.

She was utterly naked but a quick look told her that Richard still had his briefs on.Too overwhelmed to say anything,she sank her head back.

“You’re so beautiful” He muttered staring intensely at his priceless treasure.

She watched as he seemed to retreat, his hands moving down the sides of her body, following the line of her hips and thighs, before ascending again.

“Richard……what are you…….?”Her voice dried up when she felt him push her legs apart.He bent and pressed kisses against her belly and down farther.She tensed and could feel a light sweat break through her skin.

His hands came under her to cup her buttocks,and then she could feel his breath feather between her legs.

Her head came up and she saw Richard’s face.

“Relax, Iyawomi…… you’ll like this. I promise”

“Like what?” And then Tanure’s world stopped turning completely as Richard’s head bent and she felt his mouth and tongue on that wet and secret part of her. Her hand gripped the sheet.Her back arched.

“Ri…chard” She let out a gasp as his tongue speared her intimately.

He was wringing out responses from her that she didn’t even know she had.

His tongue flicked her clit, gently nipping and licking at the skin,and she felt her own arousal making a mess on the bed.

“Ri…..uhmm….ahn”She moaned loudly.

She tried to hold on but at the end….. couldn’t.She felt herself tensing all over…… after a stunning plateau of exquisite pleasure, she fell throbbing down into Richard’s arms.

The earth was spinning, Tanure was dazed. She was vaguely aware of Richard tugging his briefs off.

And then he was back, arms around her, looking down into her face.

“Are you okay?” He smoothed a hand across one cheek and all Tanure could do was nod, even as her body clenched minutely.

She could feel his hard erection against her thigh, she reached a hand down to touch him.

Something inside her exulted when she wrapped her fingers around his turgid length, even as her mind balked a little at the blatantly masculine evidence of his size.

He hissed on an indrawn breath and brought his hand to down to cover hers, taking it away gently.

“We’ll have plenty of time to explore at a more leisurely pace…..but right now, I can’t wait”

As Richard moved over her, Tanure opened her legs.She felt him push against her… where a curiously unsatisfied ache was building,she shifted restlessly and then Richard was sliding into her so slowly and carefully that she could see beads of sweat on his brow.

With his next move, he thrust into her, fully.

“Hmmm” She breathed out closing her eyes feeling every long and hard inch of him inside her.

Richard rested on his forearms, savoring the feeling of being buried deep inside her heat.This was worth waiting for.

“Can I move?” He asked, rubbing her hair, lovingly.

She opened her eyes and nodded.

Ever so slowly he withdrew, before thrusting in again and that elusive peak came closer and closer to Tanure, teasing her with every thrust that he made.She wrapped a leg around his back and groaned as she felt him slide more deeper within her.

As if he couldn’t help himself,his movements became so fast… more urgent. He thrust harder, deeper.Tanure’s arms were wrapped around him,her chest arched up to into his, she could feel her nipples scrape along the tautly muscled wall of his chest.

Their moanings and gasping sounds of unashamed pleasure filled the bedroom…… their breath grew ragged, hearts nearly bursting out of their chests.Whatever he had made her feel before was eclipsed by a blinding flash of sensation so acutely pleasurable that she tensed all over again.Richard drove in and out,and Tanure was unbearably sensitised for a moment before she came crashing down again, a hot deep orgasm like lava shot through her veins.

Her walls clenched and unclenched around him,as he too tensed for a long, tortured moment until she felt his warm release deep inside her.

Feeling so weak, all Tanure could do was lie there with Richard’s deliciously heavy weight pinning her to the bed.After a couple of minutes,she became aware of a musky scent and sweat-slicked skin clinging to her body.A chill on her skin made her shiver slightly and Richard moved… rolling off her…. taking her with him so that she lay sprawled over his chest.Her body seemingly welded to his much harder one.

Was this how it felt to have sex with someone you truly love? Richard smiled lifting the duvet to cover them, encircling his arms around her.

She lifted up her head and asked so quietly that he had to strain to hear.

“Is….is it always like that?”

Sheer masculine pride puffed up his chest and a deep thrill ran through him to know that he was the only one who has and would continue to make her feel this way.

He turned his head and pressed a kiss to where some tendrils of her silky hair still clung damply to her forehead.


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