NEW 9JA STORY : TANURE FOREVER [Chapter 16] || written by Donvick_AVB


Chapter 16

The rays of the morning sun woke Tanure up,she slowly sat up feeling strange sensation running through her body.

The pleasant ache between her legs reminded her of last night….. how she had encircled her hand around him… it had felt to have him thrust into her continuously.

She groaned and buried her face into the pillow wanting to feel him again…. right now.

A sound came from the door,she looked up to see Richard walking in with a tray of food,clad in just a boxer,that sight alone made a pool of liquid heat between her legs.

“Morning,wifey”He greeted walking closer to the bed.

She smiled.”Good morning, you should have woken me up to prepare breakfast”

“It’s nothing, I should cook sometimes too, right?”With that,he opened the plates revealing a simple meal of fried potatoes and fried eggs.

“I didn’t know you could cook”

“Just simple meals though.Now, give it a try”He urged.

She slowly tasted the meal.

“It’s good”She commented, honestly.

Richard smiled.”With more lessons,I’ll cook better than you”He joked.

She laughed.”Dream on”

She continued eating, it was as if his eyes were boring into her skin.

“Won’t you eat too?”

“I’ve eaten already”He replied and moved closer to her.

“Last night was amazing.I’m so happy that you trust me again and I won’t toy with that ever again”

She smiled, and drank some water.

He held her hands staring into her eyes lovingly.

“I can’t promise that we would have nothing to argue about, but I’d love you, even when you make me mad,my love for you won’t fade away simply because we are angry,we’ll fight,we’ll be human still,I would go to war for you and I’ll continue to love you every single day… just please don’t leave me”

She sensed the fear in his voice and his unexpected vulnerability squeezed her heart.

“I love you and I won’t ever leave cause I know that you won’t give me any reason to”She assured gently placing the tray containing empty plates on the bedside table.

Richard smiled feeling so content,he would never hurt her again so she was his till death.

He pulled down the duvet from her chest and cupped her breasts in his hands teasing her nipples till they rose tautly.He squeezed gently and stroked.

“Uhmm!She moaned resting her head on the headboard.

“I love it when you touch me like that”She confessed.

He smiled mischievously and pulled her down to lie flat on the bed,he got into the bed fitting himself between her legs.

“Would I ever get used to seeing this, you’re so beautiful,Ololufemi”With that he slid a finger into her body,a low moan vibrated in her throat.

“Do you love this too?”He asked, gruffly, sliding his finger back and forth causing her to moan sharply.

“Yes”She hummed out.

A second finger joined the first and the sensation caused her to cry out.

The feeling of his long fingers plunging in and out of her had Tanure teetering to the edge.His fingers moved deep into her, teasing her g- spot over and over again,her hips moved against him, arching almost off the bed, seeing how close she was he bent his head sucking her clit into his mouth, flicking it in fast strokes

She felt so ecstatic and couldn’t even comprehend the words that fell out from her mouth.

“Richard”She screamed as her body shook,she shut her eyes, and let the wave overtake her.

Her eyes opened to see Richard licking his fingers.

“So sweet”He muttered.

Her eyes darted to the bulge between his thighs, she felt unsatisfied again.

“I want you inside of me, now”She said sitting up and hurriedly tugging down his boxer, Richard knew better not to tease her right now, so quickly he pulled the boxer off his legs.

On cue,she lay back down and he opened her legs.He grasped his manhood in his hand and teased her entrance with the tip.Slowly he slid into her body, stretching her with his thickness and length.

They moaned at the same time,he pulled out and slid in again.

“Ho…How does this feel,Iyawomi”He growled.

“So…so good”She moaned as he increased his pace, moving faster…. deeper, hitting her sweet spot over and over again.He slowly bent her knees and she screamed at the sensation the position brought.

She tried to bring a hand to where they were connected but he held it back making their fingers entwined as he continued digging in and out of her.

Each thrust he made sent sweet sensation through her body….he made her wild….. made her ache….. made her beg for more.Their bodies were covered in thick sheen of sweat.

He felt her hot sheath contracting around his rock-hard shaft.She clung to him and cried out his name when she felt her orgasm crashed like a tsunami.

“Wifey”Richard groaned and with a few more thrusts,he felt himself explode deep inside her.

He slumped on her body, both trying to steady their breaths.She could feel his lips pressed to her neck.

“You were made for me”He told her, sincerely.

Tanure smiled,her eyes darted to the wall clock.

“You’re running late for work”She announced.

Shit! Work?He had totally forgotten about that.

He lifted up his head and stared at her beautiful face.

“I still have some minutes to spare so we can have our bath together”

Tanure smiled.She was going to be so sore before he leaves for work and just the thought of that made excitement creep through her body.

Almost an hour later.

“I’m going to miss you”Tanure breathed as his cologne filled her senses.

They were cuddling so tightly in front of the house.

“I’m going to come home as soon as I can”He assured.

It was as if he was going on a business trip to another country for a week,whereas,he was just going to work and they would be separated for a few hours.

Reluctantly, they disengaged from each other.

“You should go in now”He said.

“I want to watch you leave”She replied.

“No,you should go in”He insisted.

She sighed.”Okay then”As she wanted to turn around,he hauled her into his arms and kissed her deeply.

“You’re late’She choked out breaking off the kiss.

“Just one more”With that he covered her lips with his again and he moved resting her back on the wall.

Within seconds, the kiss grew deeper and hotter and when she was almost drowning into the kiss,she realized that he was getting really late for work.Taking her lips away from his,she asked breathlessly.

“Don’t you want to go to work today?”

Richard sighed,he didn’t want to be absent from work today because tomorrow,he had planned to leave the company at noon so he could take Tanure to one of his friend’s art exhibition.

“Fine,I should get going now”He agreed sadly.

Tanure pressed a kiss to his cheek and slowly walked into the house closing the door.

She walked to the living room, and sat on the couch already missing Richard who was probably getting into his car now.

The door opened and Richard hurriedly walked in, dropping his briefcase on a chair and quickly undoing his belt.

Tanure gasped.”Richard… you’re..”

“I know, I can just say I was stuck in traffic or there was an accident but I really need to be inside you right now,that way I can concentrate”

Tanure chuckled taking off her skirt.Being married was becoming more and more delightful….. being married to Richard.

Richard slowly came to a halt.Time had gone by slowly for him,he got down from his car and headed straight into his house to see his sunshine.

He knew she was already at the kitchen preparing dinner and he was right.

He leaned against the doorpost watching her slicing some vegetables.The construction of her restaurant had commerced today but he felt like doing something more for did he get so lucky?

He walked up to her and backhugged her resting his chin on her shoulder,his arms coming around her stomach.

“When did you get back”She asked leaning into him.

“Few minutes ago,how much did you miss me?”

“More than alot”She replied, smiling.He turned her around in his arms.

“Let’s see how true that is”He suggested, smiling mischievously.

“I’m cooking”She snapped.

“That can wait”And then,he turned off the the gas cooker.

“What if it gets…….”

He cut her off with a hot open-mouth kiss, claiming her mouth with a slick erotic glide of his tongue.

He took his lips away and asked.

“You were saying?”

Tanure suppressed her lips in a tight line, what was she trying to say before?

Richard smirked and lifted her up to sit in the breakfast bar.

He would tease and nibble all of her later in the night, but right now,he badly wanted to feel her heat.

He hurriedly tooked off his trousers and boxers,her eyes went wide seeing his erection sprang up to his stomach, could she ever get used to seeing him like this….it was breathtaking.

He pushed up her skirt and quickly held the rim of her panties,she lifted up her hips allowing him to free her from it.

He stood between her thighs and made her wrap one leg around his waist.

Then he plunged into her, the feeling was so intensed that he had to forcefully still his hips to keep him from exploding.

She let out an ‘O’ grabbing the table cloth tightly.He slowly moved back till he was halfway out of her then he shoved it back inside her.

“Richard….arrhh!She moaned in ecstasy.

He thrust in and out of her loving the sexy moan that vibrated rhythmically from her throat,she craved each hot slide of his cock inside her….each thrust getting more and more intense.

She leaned forward, propped up on her elbows and wrapped her hand around his neck pulling him close to her,he kissed her deeply,his hands resting on the table.

He deepened his thrust,she moaned breaking the kiss.

“Richard”She breathed out as he quickened his thrust and felt her begin to spasm powerfully around him.

“Hmmm”His soft moan vibrated in the kitchen as his climax drew near.

The intensity of her orgasm triggered his own release.They groaned at the same time, her head fell back on the table panting heavily while he slumped on a chair.

“That was…..”His voice trailed off unable to find the right word.

After some minutes,she sat up,Richard held her hand and made her sit on his laps.

“I could taste you everyday for the rest of my life and never get tired of it”He said, affectionately.

She smiled, broadly.

“Are we still going to that art gallery tomorrow?”

“Yes, I’ll pick you up at noon”

“Now,will you let me finish up my cooking, Richard?”

He gasped. “Richard?”

Tanure frowned.”What’s wrong?”

“I call you so many pet names all the time and I only get to hear you call me some pet names when you need me to make love to you, how fair is that?”

“There’s nothing wrong with calling you Richard”

“Okay o, Tanure”He said, smiling cockily.

“Tanure?”She asked hitting his arm.

Richard laughed.”You started this”

“Fine”She snapped.

She realized that he was still holding his ground.

“Hubby”She muttered resting her head on his shoulder.

“Louder”He requested.

She eyed him.”Richard”

“You’ve started again”He snapped.

“My hubby… love…..Oko mi”

His heart warmed,he ran his hand through her back.

“My sunflower”

If he hadn’t seen this character of hers in London,he would be complaining right now.He had been taking her pictures after pictures as they walked through the gallery.

But then she was so excited posing and smiling….. listening attentively as his friend told them about his artwork so who was he to complain.Her happiness was his first priority.

As they walked out of the art gallery,she kept babbling about all the artworks she saw,he wanted to remind her that they saw it together but then he just kept on nodding his head loving the excitement in her voice.

“Richard”Someone called.

They turned to see a gorgeous lady.

“Oh,Vera,long time no see”Richard began.

“You look good”She commented.

Tanure watched as Richard laughed over what the so called Vera had said “This is my wife.

Tanure, this is Vera”He introduced.

“You got married?”She asked in disbelief.Tanure could sense a hitch of disappointment in her voice.

“Yes”Richard replied.

Vera turned to face her, smiling.”It’s nice meeting you”

“Same here”Tanure snapped already getting annoyed.Why does he know so many beautiful ladies?

She knew if she continues standing here,she might cause a scene,she walked passed them heading for the car.

Richard gulped,he knew instantly that she was upset.

“Your wife clearly doesn’t like you talking to other women,does she?”

Richard nodded.”The same way I don’t like her talking to other men”

“It was nice seeing you again, take care”With that,he hurried off.

Richard got into his car,he signaled the driver to start the car.Richard moved closer to her.

“Iyawo mi”He called but she didn’t answer.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,did I?”

“No”She coldly replied.

“Vera was just a friend in school”

“She admired you and you laughed”Tanure snapped turning to face him.

Richard frowned,”What was I supposed to do?”

Tanure looked away from him again,she knew she was overacting but she couldn’t help it, the women he was used to…….

“Stop feeling insecured,I trust you,I know you won’t leave me for someone else, and I thought you trusted me too.You’ve taken over me completely and there’s no space for someone else”He assured,he sighed relieved as she turned to face him, trying to fight against smiling.

She couldn’t fight that smile for long when he started singing ‘Orente’by Adekunle Gold.

“Shout out to my one and only.

Na you be my alobam.

Nkem, you’re one in a million.

Shout out to my baby honey.

Na you be my girlie o.

Temi, you’re one in a billion.”

He paused and held her hand then placed it on his chest so that she could feel his heartbeat against her palm.

“Only you can make it beat like this”He said, softly.

Her own heart nearly crashed against as breastbone as he continued singing.

Their faces drew near and their lips locked in a warm kiss.

Richard disengaged from her.”Let’s get married”He announced.

She frowned.”Aren’t we already married?”

“I mean,a church wedding,I want you to walk down the aisle to me,I want everyone to know that you’re Mrs Boyowa….that you’re my everything”

Tanure pictured herself in a white wedding dress.Joy filled her heart.

“So Tanure,will you marry me?this time…. for love…for our love?”Richard asked, affectionately.

Tanure smiled broadly and nodded.”Yes”


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