NEW 9JA STORY : TANURE FOREVER [Chapter 17] || written by Donvick_AVB


Chapter 17

Richard suggested that they should have their white wedding after he completes and opens her restaurant,he wanted to give her that as a wedding gift….he suddenly wanted to add a car to it..or should he buy her a house in Dubai too.He was really confused but he had plenty of time to prepare for that special day, she had given her heart to him again and he regarded that as a priceless gift so he had to give her everything for making him complete.

Tanure walked into the bedroom and found Richard operating his laptop.She crawled into the bed.

“Hubby, I’m bored”She complained.

“I need to work on this tonight, don’t worry,it won’t take long”He assured.

Tanure sighed, she threw a pillow at him which he tossed aside.

She frowned and threw another pillow directly at his face, Richard tossed it aside again.

“Come on, wifey, I really need to finish this tonight”

“But I’m bored”

“Just few more minutes, please”He requested and his focus was on the laptop again,he always said if she needed him for anything, everything else could wait so this had to wait.

She pulled his cheeks,then drew his ears and nose from time to time making him pause shooting her a warning glare which only triggered her troublemaking spirit.

She pressed a kiss to his cheek.She held his face and kissed him deeply on the lips.

Richard’s fingers were pressing some buttons but he didn’t know what he was typing.She cupped the side of his head to a more accepting angle, deftly, she softened his resistant which was very little.

Her touch worked on him like a drug,he recalled that he had to finish his project,he slowly took his lips away from hers and stared at his laptop.

Richard sighed seeing what he had typed,he knew he wasn’t going to win against her.He placed his laptop on the bedside table.

“What do you want us to do?Play chess?”He asked.

“No”She retorted.

“Ludo? cards?”


Richard smirked.”Are you scared of losing?”

Tanure eyed him, honestly,she didn’t want to play those games with him because he always won.

“I’m not scared, I just don’t feel like playing those games today”

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you win”He assured.

“How many times have you promised me that?”She snapped throwing a pillow at him.

Richard laughed.”It’s not my fault that I’m a pro, what else do you want us to do?”

“Hmmm,rock paper scissors”She suggested.

“That game is lame,I don’t even know the rules”

Tanure smirked.”That’s why we’re playing it, I can’t always lose all the time”

Richard sighed.She brought out her fingers and he did the same.

“Rock paper scissors”

“I won”Tanure announced and moved closer to him.

“Tanure,are you really going to hit me?”

“Aha, that’s the fun part,nah”With that she flicked him painfully on the forehead with her fingers.

Richard rubbed his forehead.”Is this the punishment for always winning against you?”

Tanure nodded smiling mischievously.

“Rock paper scissors”

“I won!”Tanure giggled and flicked him again on the forehead, she kept on winning and flicking him.Because of his fair skin,his forehead was as red as a tomato.

“Just pray that I shouldn’t win”He warned.

Tanure laughed.”Okay, let’s end this”

“End fire! Let’s continue”He snapped.

“Rock paper scissors”

“I won!”Richard announced triumphantly.

She quickly scrambled out of the bed.

Richard jumped off the bed and locked the door.

“Let’s see where you’ll run to”

She quickly got on the bed covering her full body with the mattress.

“I’m not feeling too well”She muttered.

He chuckled.”I’ll flick the sickness out of you”

“Are you really going to hit me?”

He moved closer to her and tossed the duvet aside.

“Isn’t that the price for winning?”He asked bringing his fore finger and thumb together.

She pout looking so cute and innocent.”It’s me o.Your wifey”She reminded.

“I know”

“Your one and only”

He nodded and moved closer to her,She closed her eyes, but instead felt his warm lips on hers.

“It’s not fair that I can’t hit you”He said, softly, pointing at his forehead.

Tanure smiled,that was her control over him.

“You could always punish me,huh”She said sitting up and sliding her hand into his joggers, finding his crotch,she caressed slowly.

Richard’s breath caught.”Iya….. Iyawo mi,you do unbelievable things to me”

“I know”

And within seconds,he was kissing her with a hot, driving hunger that left her dizzy with its intensity.

As he removed her clothes with impatient hands, she grinned loving the passion he had for her.

He sank into her hot wet sheath hard and fast and released a groan of pleasure that acted like an aphrodisiac on her.She felt wild as she craved every thrust of his lean, muscular hips,her body jolting and straining towards a climax even while he paused to savor the moment.She came apart in the circle of his arms, ravished by the exquisite pleasure that washed through her in a sweet drowning tide,so that even afterwards all she was conscious of was the race of his heartbeat against her breasts and the damp reassuring solidity of his big powerful body against hers.

In the aftermath of yet another session of hot satisfying sex,Tanure lay with her heart racing and her body aching in the circle of Richard’s arms.He was holding her, stroking her spine,his mouth gently brushing her temples until he felt her delicate fingers running down his stomach and enclosing around his manhood.

“Again?”Richard croaked out.

She chuckled against his chest.

The months that followed was practically the best time of Tanure’s life.She’d lost count of the days she’d spent in his arms,all but drowning in his sensuality.He kissed her awake every morning….. moving atop her and entering her with the sunrise.The days had been filled with more lovemaking, interspersed with discussion of her restaurant and Richard’s gossips about everyone in the company.

The nights…….Well the night, even after making love so many times,it was always a sizzling experience with him.

Tanure held the sink, she was feeling so tired as she tried to wash some dishes,a plate fell from her hand and broke into pieces.

The noise caught Richard’s attention from the sitting room,he quickly walked in.

“What….”He paused seeing the pale look on her face.

He moved closer to her holding her shoulders.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m just tired”She muttered,he gently carried her in his arms and walked towards the living room,he laid her down on the chaise lounge.

“I’ll tidy up the kitchen and get some stress relieve pills”Richard said and walked off.

Tanure touched her stomach,she had been throwing up and also feeling dizzy recently, this was what Maami Funmi had noticed before and concluded that she was pregnant which turned out to be true.

She smiled at the thought that she might be pregnant,she had been starting to feel scared about not being fertile because Richard had never used a condom on her.

Though,he had never mentioned anything about having children, but she desperately wanted to give him a child.

She made up her mind to visit the doctor the following day.She didn’t want to tell him about her suspicions though in case it turns out negative.

Richard came back with some medicine and made sure she drank them.

“I really think it’s stress,you wouldn’t listen to me when I told you to stop going to the construction site”He said lying on the chaise lounge making her rest her head on his chest.

Now, that her restaurant was almost completed, she was always excited to see it and walk around it.

“It’s not like I do anything when I’m there.I’m really okay”She assured, quietly.

Richard slowly stroked her hair.

“Hubby”She called.

“Hmm”He replied.

“When did you start loving me for real?”Tanure asked, curiously.

Richard thought for a while,he really couldn’t say exactly when.

“Well, honestly, I fell for your cooking first and when you lost the baby… When you almost took your life….it triggered something inside of me and I wanted to be that person I failed to be before”

She sighed and he quickly held her hand.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to remind you of that, I know it’s…..”

“It’s okay, It’s all in the past now and as Maami had said, I’m glad I didn’t hurt myself,if I did,I wouldn’t be here right now,my life has a meaning now, and I’m the happiest person in the world”

Richard smiled.”Me too,Iyawo mi.And I promise it would be this way forever”

Richard stared at the wall clock,it was almost 2:pm.He had closed from work early just to receive a text from Tanure that she had an appointment with the doctor,he had wanted to meet her there but she said she would be home any moment from now.He sat on his couch.Knowing Tanure so well,she wouldn’t just visit the doctor because she felt tired yesterday,was she perhaps pregnant?

Joy crept through his veins,he didn’t want to have his hopes up about that and he certainly wouldn’t bug her to get pregnant if she wasn’t but the thought was so refreshing.

The doorbell rang.Tanure doesn’t ring the doorbell.But she was the only person he was expecting any moment from now.

He hurried towards the door to welcome his Orente.

As he flung the door opened, his heart plummeted into his stomach seeing the one person whom he thought he would never see again.


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