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EP 02

Envy is a deadly cancer that eats a person up till there’s nothing more left other than rage. When a person constantly envies another, it’s just a matter of time before they begin to exhibit the contents of their heart through actions and Mandy was headed towards that direction.

On seeing Mandy inside the taxi, Barbara wasn’t surprised at all because Mandy had a habit of stopping by unexpectedly at her office; especially when she closes early from work. Barbara stood there smiling as Mandy alighted from the taxi and walked towards her.

“Hey girl” Barbara greeted, “Hi Barbie, why weren’t you picking up your phone?” Mandy jokingly asked, “Oh, my phone is inside my bag at the office” Barbara replied smiling.

As they exchanged greetings, Precious quietly stood there listening without uttering a word. When they were done talking, Barbara looked at Precious and smiled; “I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting, this is my friend Mandy” she said.

Precious looked towards Mandy’s direction and smiled faintly, “Nice to meet you, my name is Precious” he said, “Nice to meet you too, I know someone with the name Precious, people with this name are usually fine” she said blushing.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward due to what Mandy said. Precious tried to behave maturely and just laughed it out. “I’ll be going now, see you soon Barbara” he said and zoomed out in his car.

Barbara kept blushing till Precious was out of sight but was brought back to her senses by Mandy. “Hmmm, who’s this fine bobo? Barbara where did you find him?” Mandy asked and Barbara told her all that happened earlier that day and how she closed the sales deal with him. Never for once did it cross Barbara’s mind that Mandy has been harbouring envy in her heart for a while now.

After standing outside for few minutes, they retired inside and went to Barbara’s office to continue their gist. Mandy spent over an hour there before leaving for her house. On her way home that day, Mandy entered into deep thoughts and felt cheated and wronged by Life. “Why Barbara all the time? Like what does she have that I don’t have? Just look at how dapper, cute and fresh that guy was looking, I’m sure he likes her and might ask her out soon. Oh God! This isn’t fair, how many heads did I come to this world with” she muttered to herself in pain as she sat in the taxi that drove her home.

On the other hand, Barbara was happy and probably thought her friend was happy for her too. Barbara gradually started realising that she was actually attracted to Precious, but was still in denial. “I can’t wait for this deal to be finalised so I can see him again” she said to herself in excitement.

That day ended differently for both ladies; one was happy while the other was bitter and sad. Barbara slept well and thought of nothing other than her encounter with Precious, while Mandy wallowed in self pity and bitterness.

Life soon continued for both ladies but the difference now was that Mandy never stopped asking Barbara about Precious. At first, it was all normal but later on, it became quite intense. Barbara didn’t suspect anything because she always had this positive and less judgmental attitude towards people. Barbara always gave excuses for people’s attitude, let only her best friend.

“We haven’t spoken since then” was the usual reply she gave to Mandy whenever she asked of Precious. Well, that was the truth indeed as Precious hadn’t contacted Barbara since then; probably because his sale wasn’t finalised yet. There were lots of paper work Precious lawyer had to do and most of them took a little more time, hence the reason for the delay.

Fortunately, after over two weeks, the deal was sealed and the long awaited celebration finally came. One fine afternoon, a package was delivered to Barbara at her office from a logistics company. At first, she was confused and didn’t remember ordering anything, neither did she recall anyone promising her a gift.

The package was received and Barbara excitedly opened the box to see what was inside. It was a bottle of wine with a note which said; “I have gotten the house, we celebrate tonight. Dress up and show up, I would be at Royal restaurant waiting for you by 7pm. Thank you Barbara, from Precious”.

Immediately Barbara was done reading the note, she blushed so hard till her cheeks almost fell off her face. “Awwn, this is really cute and so thoughtful of Precious” she said to herself as she put the wine back inside the box.

All through the remaining work hours for that day, Barbara couldn’t concentrate at all because her mind was far away with Precious at Royal restaurant. She kept fantasising and couldn’t wait to leave from work that day.

At around 5:30pm, Barbara closed for the day and hurriedly headed home to prepare for her celebration dinner date with Precious. She had a hot body so any outfit would do justice on her. After searching for few minutes, she finally found the best outfit for the night.

The time scheduled for their date drew close so Barbara had to leave in order not to be too late. At exactly 7:45pm, she arrived at the restaurant and stretched her neck in search of Precious. Barbara didn’t have his number, neither did he have hers, so there was a no means of communication.

Fortunately, Precious saw her first but remained quiet and just kept staring at her. He was smitten and lost in thoughts as he looked at her. In no time, Barbara spotted him and their eyes jammed; she smiled and walked closer to him. When she got to the table, Precious stood up and gave her a friendly hug, before removing the chair for her to seat.

“What a gentleman” Barbara thought to herself as she sat down. “Thanks for coming, I’m glad you are here” he said and she thanked him for inviting her too. They placed their orders and started talking about everything that went down during the house purchase. Precious told her all the things she missed and they smiled as they talked.

Food was served afterwards and they ate as they conversed. It turns out that the wine that was ordered had a little percentage of alcohol in it. Precious asked Barbara if she was ok with it or they should order another one instead, but she told him one glass of wine wouldn’t hurt.

Unfortunately, Barbara’s head wasn’t that strong when it came to alcohol so it wasn’t too long before she started acting up. It first began with laughter and finally ended with Barbara complaining that she wasn’t feeling too well. At that point, Precious could tell she was tipsy and felt it was right for him to take her home. Good thing Barbara could still walk on her own so all he did was to support her with his hand behind her back.

Precious guided Barbara gently till they got to his car. “Can you remember where you leave?” He asked, “Yes, I think I can try to remember where I live. Uhmmn, it’s at Voltic estate but I have forgotten where exactly the estate is” she said with her eyes closed.

At that moment, Precious didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He immediately brought out his phone to checked where the estate was located and fortunately found it. They set off in no time and headed towards Barbara’s house.

On their way to Barbara’s house, Precious asked if there was someone he could call to keep her company, just so she doesn’t hurt herself. The first word that came out of her mouth was ‘Mandy’. Precious asked for Mandy’s number so he could call and inform her of the situation on ground. Barbara gave him the number and he dialed it.

“Hello Mandy” precious greeted when she picked, “Hello, who’s this?” She asked, “you might not know me but this is Precious, Barbara’s friend” he said. At the mention of his name, Mandy almost had a heart attack. It was just too good to be true for a man she greatly admired to call her.

Mandy quickly switched her voice and made it more appealing. “Hi Precious, how are you doing?” She asked, “I’m fine, thanks. Well, the reason I’m calling is because your friend is tipsy from having few glasses of wine, so I need you to come over to her house to take care of her” he politely said.

There was no way Mandy was going to turn down an opportunity to see a man she was greatly crushing on. She jumped at the offer and told Precious that she was on her way. He thanked her and ended the call.

Before Precious arrived at Barbara’s house, Mandy was already inside waiting as they both had spare keys to each other’s house. Mandy realised they had arrived and hurriedly went outside to help him aid Barbara walk inside.

In no time, they laid Barbara to rest on the sitting room couch and before Precious knew it, Mandy knowingly hit her toes on the centre table; she pretended as though she wanted to fall and landed her breasts on Precious chest.

He held her from falling and she looked into his eyes and said “Ouch! So sorry dear”.



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