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EP 04

A person who’s confident and assured of their self-esteem, don’t go around playing mind games for someone to fall in love with them. When you know whom you are, you wouldn’t see any need to chase someone that doesn’t want you; all you would do is let go of any feelings you might have gotten for that person and position yourself for someone that would cherish and love you completely, because there’s no greater joy than being with a person that’s totally into you, the same way you are into them.

It’s apparent that Mandy was indirectly throwing herself at Precious without any iota of shame. She didn’t bother to consider her friend ‘Barbara’ whom she knew was already in love with him. It’s so sad that Mandy couldn’t even let this one slide, knowing fully well that this was the first man Barbara was considering a relationship with; after turning down so many guys in the past. So sad!

After Mandy revealed to Precious that she loved praying; hence her reason for wanting them to pray before he leaves, Precious kept his cool and accepted to engage in the prayer.
“No Mandy, please don’t! Let him go because it’s already late, we can pray together without him” Barbara chipped in. Mandy smiled and nodded ‘Ok’ but was feeling bitter within. “I’ll have to leave then, you both should take care and I’ll call you later” Precious said and zoomed out.

As Precious walked away, Mandy almost dropped dead because it felt as though a part of her was leaving. Barbara confusingly looked at her and looked away shortly because she didn’t even know what to say at that moment. After about two minutes of silence, Mandy finally spoke. “Why did you make me look bad in front of your guest? I only asked that we pray; which is a good thing if you ask me. He agreed but you just had to make me look bad by telling him to go” Mandy angrily said.

At that moment, Barbara was confused and didn’t even know what she was talking about, neither did she know where her anger was coming from. “What do you mean?” She confusingly asked, “you already know what I mean” Mandy replied and got up to leave.

Barbara laid back on the bed and couldn’t utter any word till Mandy left. She kept wondering what the problem was but couldn’t find any reasonable answer to the questions in her head. As she laid on her bed thinking, Precious called to check up on her and they got talking.

They talked for a long time and it helped Barbara forget all that Mandy did. Precious was a sweet person and knew how to keep a conversation going. They talked about so many random stuffs and ended by saying ‘Goodnight’ to each other.

When the call ended, something struck Precious heart and it was the gradual realisation that he was beginning to fall slowly for Barbara. Precious kept wondering why he cared so much about her and always wanted to check up on her. “But she seems uninterested in me so I don’t know if it’s mutual” he thought to himself all night.

While Precious was afraid of the new development of feeling he was having for Barbara, he wasn’t aware that she became attracted to him the very first day she set her eyes on him for the property viewing. If only he knew that Barbara fell in love with him a long time ago, then he probably would have hastened his steps to make her his.

That night, Precious thought of several ways to draw Barbara closer to him and finally came up with a good plan. The following day was a busy one for Precious so he didn’t have the chance to check up on Barbara till around passed 5pm.

As at that time, Barbara was still at work and was busy as well. She hadn’t communicated with Mandy all day and it made her feel bad. Just as Barbara was about dialing Mandy’s number, Precious call came in. She smiled faintly and picked up; “Hello dear” she greeted, “How are you doing?” He asked and she told him she was good. “What are you up to?” Precious asked, “Nothing much, I just have so much work to do in a short period of time” Barbara tiredly replied.

Now, despite the fact that Barbara was truly tired, the main reason she was worn out was because of her little misunderstanding with her ‘supposed’ best friend. The fact that they hadn’t spoken to each other all day was eating Barbara up.

The truth of the matter is that Barbara isn’t used to anger and hatred, she was just a loving, free spirited lady. If only she knew how much envy and jealousy Mandy had been bottling up in her heart, she probably would have realised that their little misunderstanding was a blessing in disguise for her to advert the danger that was ahead. Too bad we can’t see what the future holds till the event happens!

As Barbara conversed with Precious, he tried to cheer her up and bring her out of the sad mood she was in. “When can I see you again?” He gently asked and Barbara smiled, “when do you want to see me?” She replied and he told her the balls were all in her court. Barbara chuckled and told Precious that she would alert him whenever she was chanced. They said goodbye to each other and ended the call.

Immediately the call ended, Barbara dialed Mandy’s line and she pick after the second attempt. “Hey baby, so you can be angry with me for a whole day without calling, it’s not fair oh” Barbara playfully said. Mandy was still upset but felt it was time to let go. They reconciled and talked as though they weren’t in good terms few minutes back. They both apologised to each other and moved on.

Days passed and both Barbara and Precious still haven’t had time to see each other. That week was extremely busy for both of them because they had so much engagements from their various occupation. They communicated via phone calls all through but wasn’t able to see each other face to face.

Fortunately, a day finally came where they had less engagements so they agreed to meet up at Precious newly purchased house. He invited Barbara over and she was so excited within. After close of work that day, Barbara took an Uber and headed straight to Precious house.

When she arrived, he was already waiting for her outside. The sight of Precious standing outside wearing a short was beautiful to behold. Barbara was smitten and majestically got down from the car and walked closer to him. “Barbie Barbie! You look tired but beautiful” he said and she blushed; “thanks for inviting me over” she said, “thanks for coming” he replied.

They walked into the house and entered Precious living room. The first thing Barbara noticed was that his house was partly furnished. “Why haven’t you started furnishing? There’s still so much to be done” she pointed out and Precious smiled. “To be honest, one of the reasons I invited you over today is because I want to employ you to be my interior decorator” he said.

Barbara was shocked and haven’t felt so wanted and important in her life before. “You want me to decorate and furnish your house for you?” She surprisingly asked and Precious nodded ‘yes’. Barbara was dumbfounded and didn’t know what else to say; “Thank you so much, I’m honestly flattered. Do you have any idea of what you want?” She curiously asked, “No I don’t, I’m trusting you to do a good job so that’s why I’m leaving everything entirely to you. I’ll be leaving town next week, so come up with the budget you need for the furnishing” He said and Barbara nodded ‘yes’.

As they were talking, Precious didn’t know if it was the right time to pour out his heart to her. He kept fighting himself within and didn’t know what next course of action to take.

Unable to hold his feelings any longer, he put his hand into his pocket and brought out a spare key to his house. He handed the key to Barbara and said; “Take the spare key to my house since I would be traveling soon and you need to work here, but as you receive the key, can you receive my heart too?”.

Barbara was numb and kept arguing with herself within that Precious might have had a slip of tongue and probably didn’t mean what he said. With her eyes wide opened, she asked; “What did you just say to me?”,

Precious moved closer to her and said; “I love you Barbara, I feel cold because I have been standing outside your heart, can you please open the door and let me in?



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