NEW 9JA STORY : The Billionaire Son [EP 01] || written by Donvick_AVB

EP 01

(Home Alone with his Maids)

Mike POV

“What kind of food is this”. I muttered as I taste the food. She has started again with her bad cooking skill. Instead of her to employ someone who will be helping her out in the kitchen, she insisted in cooking it herself.

My dad had suggested she should go to catering school to learn how to cook but she refused, she doesn’t want to employ any maid in fear of loosing her Billionaire huaband to any girl.

Sometimes I pity my dad, married but always eat outside. He seems not be much worried over the issue as he always focuses on his business.

My sister use to help out when she’s around, but at the moment, she’s back to school. Am home with dad and mom.

Soon they will be traveling to Dubai for 3 months vacation. I wonder how am going to adjust.

“What did I heard from the kitchen”. She said as she walked out of the kitchen with her own plate of food. My dad had left without eating anything.

“When will you start cooking good food I’m this house” I said.

Always complaining, Why don’t you go and cook it your self? She replied.

“I would have, you know I don’t know how to cook”. I said.

“You would have learned if you were always in the kitchen with me when you were small, but you don’t, always waiting to be served”. She replied.

Always in the kitchen with who? You?… It’s better I didn’t learn from you at all. What will i learn from you.? How to add much pepper and 1 maggi in a big pot of soup ? It’s either the salt is much or…..

Or what? “She cuts in”.

” I can see that you are not hungry. If you are not ready to eat, keep my food for me”. She said.

“You know I only eat your food Cus I don’t eat outside. I only your food when am deadly hungry”. I fired.

I normally don’t eat outside, my stomach have adapt to her food. I developes stomach problem whenever I eats outside due to excess maggi most restaurants adds in their food.

“Now that we are traveling tomorrow, that means you will die because nobody will be cooking for you”. She said.

“Am not that worried, I have plans” I said.

“Which is ?” She asked looking at me in the eyes.

No need to tell you, just know that your son will survive.

I hope it’s not what am thinking cus you must marry anybody you impregnate. She said.


Son?… I can see it in your eyes. After we were gone now. You will bring a girl in and she will be cooking for you. Just be very Careful.

“Mommy? I know am not that into girls”. I said.

“I know, but the spirit will come once we are out”. She replied.

“U are very funny”. I said laughing.

The next day, after driving them to the airport. I branched to the nearby market and bought maids wear of different sizes.

I drove home quickly and made a notice board written “COOKING and HOUSE CLEANER NEEDED URGENTLY!!! DAILY PAYMANTS: 5k, FEMALE ONLY! ” and placed it outside our huge gate.


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