NEW 9JA STORY : The Billionaires’ Son [EP 13] || written by Donvick_AVB


EP 13

Me: I will be there tomorrow.
Dad: It’s alright. But be very careful, don’t make yourself a rag there because they were rich. If you respect yourself, they will respect you. You know how rich people behaves.
Me: Thanks for the advice dad. Am I not your daughter again?
Dad: Don’t go there and mess yourself. If any of them try to do nonsense with you, don’t give in. If you got pregnant, they will chase you out. Hope you are hearing what am saying?

Me: Yes dad.
Dad: Always be yourself. If you come back to my house with pot tummy. I will kill you. U heard me?
Me: Yes dad.
Dad: I will kill you, and you go to hell fire.
Me: Daddy?
Dad: That’s what I will do. So be yourself. Be the good girl that you are.
Me: Thanks dad.
Dad: Greet your mom and siblings for me.
Me: ok dad, no problem. Bye!
Dad: I love you!
Me: I love you too dad.

I cut the call and sat up.
“Where are you going?”. My stepmother asked.
“To pack my bags”. I replied.
“You wants to leave tonight?”.

“Nooo, am not leaving now. Lemme pack my things ahead of tomorrow”. I said.

“It’s alright. So you don’t want to give me any money from it abi?”. She said.

“Mummy… I want to keep it and save it”. I said.

“You are very stingy oo”. She said.

“OK, I will give you 5k tomorrow”. I said.

“Only 5k for me, make it 10k nah”. She said.

“It’s alright”. I said.

“So you will give it to me”. She asked.

“Yeah”. I replied.

“That’s my girl”. She said.

“Am now your girl”. I said.

“Are You not my girl before?”. She said.

“Am your girl and you were treating me like a slave”. I said.

“I’ve said sorry nah. I thought you have forgotten”. She said.

“Forgotten? I will forgive and won’t forget”. I said.

Joy pov

As we were still talking, the doctor walked in.

“Thank God you are here doctor”. The gate man said.

I don’t even know the doctors, this is my first time coming to the hospital.

“wow mike!”. She said in surprise as she saw him. What’s wrong with him”. She asked.

“His stomach which I think lacks some anti-body absorbs a large amount of maggi which contains potassium chloride, coriander, chili powder, turmeric, garlic powder, citric acid, sodium tripolyphosphate, potassium
carbonate, sodium carbonate, caramel color, disodium guanylate, monosodium glutamate…..

Will you shut up? The doctor cuts her.

Over sabi, who asked you? Yen yen yen yen… U will soon calm down.

“Sorry ma”. She said.

“Will you go and get me Antizol! If its not available, you can get atropine. Be fast about it”. The doctor said.

“How many maggi did you used”. She asked.

“5 maggi ma”. I replied.

“5 maggi! How big is the soup?”. She asked.

“It’s a stew ma, average 2 full cup of water meal”.

“And you added 5 cubes of maggi? Miss chef. Clap for yourself.

“Is this the first time he ate your food?”. She asked.

“Yes ma”. I replied.

Moments later, the nurse walked in with one of the drugs. She injected it through his veins and left.

I sat on the bed beside him holding his hand. He his no longer moaning. He’s now calming down.

Back to house

“How can you add 5 maggi in that small pot of stew”. He asked.

“It wasn’t sweet, so I added another one. Please Am very sorry”. I said.

“What else can you help me in since you can’t cook” He asked.

“I can cook, just that….

Just that what? He cuts in.

“U will have another job. I know you must be Good at it”. He said.

“What’s that?”. I asked.

“You know you are a beautiful girl. Just seeing you around makes me happy”. He said.

“You look handsome too”. I said blushing.

“But which job are you talking about”. I asked.

You will find out later. Now I need someone that can cook very well. A professional cooker.

Mike pov

I made another notice board written “COOKER NEEDED!! 1M MONTHLY” and placed it outside.

Few minutes later, there was noises outside tbe gate.

As I was about to go out and find out what is happening, the gate man rushed inside sweating.

“Sir we in hell oo. As am talking to you now, more than 70 girls and women are outside the gate and more are coming.

That’s not the main problem now, the problem now is that I cannot go outside and remove that Notice board”. He said.

“Wow this is serious”.


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