NEW 9JA STORY : The Billionaires’ Son [EP 17] || written by Donvick_AVB


EP 16


Feeling her soft hand on my dick was heavenly, although she wasn’t good in doing it. I would have released if she is doing it well. As she’s busy, I was being tempted to stretch my hand and grab her breasts.

With my left hand, I started touching her leg, up to her kneel. She didn’t resist. I continued and lifted my hand up to her lap, it was soft.

“What is delaying it?”. She asked.

“I don’t know, maybe you are not doing it well”. I replied.

“How else am I going to do it?”. She asked.

“This way”. I said and guided her hand, teaching her how to do it well. She learned fast and started stroking faster.


I was dam wet. Am definitely going to loose my virginity today, no two ways about it. I enjoy what am doing, the feeling on my palm.

After stroking for a long time, he cum. Some of it droped on hand, some on the spread towel and others on his laps. I used the towel and cleaned him up.

As I was about to go since am done, he caught hold of my hand.

“Please leave me, I have to go”. I said even though am wet, ready to loose my virginity.

“U can’t just go like this”. He said.

“Just leave me now I can control myself”. I said.

“Lemme return the Favour”. He said.

“Return the Favour? Which Favour? How?”. I asked.

“Lemme make you cum”. He said.

“I thought you know am a virgin, I don’t want to loose it yet”. I said.
“No, you are not going to loose it, I won’t f*ck you”. He replied.

“How can you make me cum without f*cking me”. I asked.

“By giving you head, I will suck you till you cum”. He answered.

“Suck me? No, I don’t want, just leave me lemme go, I have works to do please”. I said.

“I know you are wet, lemme help you”. He insist.

I accepted. He helped and remove my skirt, now am in pants and top. I climbed the bed and lay on my back. She pulled my soaked pants down and drop it on the floor. He spread my legs and began to lick me. He was licking my clitoris which is pointing up, driving me crazy.

The pressure became much like I never expected as he spread my lips and started licking inside. I was swaying my hips, holding his head down as i closed my eyes, moaning louder and louder. He stop licking and started sucking me off, it was heavenly… I couldn’t take it anymore, he drove me out of control

“Fuck me now!”. I shouted.

He ignored and continued what he is doing.

“Please stop and fuck me, I want to feel you, I want to feel you inside me right now”. I begged.

“You are are virgin”. He said.

“I don’t care anymore, just go on and do it”. I cried out.

“Do you know what you are saying? You will loose your virginity”. He said.

“I don’t care, all I want now is your dick. Just go on and fuck me please”.

Mike POV

I know she’s not with her right senses. I can’t take advantage of it, she’s saying all these because she has not released. I believe once she cum, she will come back to her right senses, so I continued, ignoring her.

Joy pov

After driving him, crazy making sure, he’s dam hard and ready to strike, I withdrew myself from him. He tried to stop me and I walked out.

A left expecting him to rush me and grab me from the back and beg me but he didn’t.

“What type of human being is this? Is he feeling too big to beg me for sex?”. I asked myself.

I walked to my room, regretting why I made that move. It didn’t happen as I expected, but still he will feel same way as I when he left me the first night. Not just leaving me but made mockery of me as well.

I took my bath, changed to another cloth and lay on the bed, looking up, expecting him to come to my room.

30 minutes later, he did not come. “What is happening?”. I asked myself. Does it mean he don’t really care? , or he decided to masturbate? I looked at the time, it’s 10:30am.
I got up from the bed immediately and headed to the kitchen. As I’m going, I started to hear someone moaning. I followed the voice direction, it was coming from mike’s room. Suddenly, Next thing am hearing loudly is “fuck me please…Just do it,…. I don’t care if am a virgin…. All I need now is your d*ck.

I nearly ran mad. It’s Jennifer’s voice. What is this witch trying to do?

I flashed to mike room and stormed in


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