EP 05

We reached our hostel and season two of the afternoon hunger started. Only this time, we are both hungry. I checked time and it’s around 9pm. We both thought of what to do but the fact there is no light anymore discouraged us knowing well we’ve not set up our stove since arriving back to school, owing to the fact the power supply has been somewhat stable especially when needed. Temmy’s phone rang and it was Rachael, I guess she’s calling to confirm we are home or to say good night to his man. They talk for a while and I overheard Temmy describing our hunger situation. He came off the phone said “she’s asking us to come over”. The worms or whatever it is that make those soprano sound in my belly jumped for joy in anticipation as they heard that. Their not-so-melodious music immediately increased coming at more regular frequency.

Me: that sounds great and comforting but it’s late.
Temmy: (checked for time) 15min after 9 is not too late bro.
Me: I thought their hostel is girls only
Temmy: No, it’s mixed. (as we were still discussing that, the light came up)
Me: Oh! Thank God. Let’s settle for noodles.
Temmy: Seriously? You want me to start cooking noodles when I’ve got real food waiting?
He pulled me aside, locked back the door and pushed me towards the front door. We went to Rachael’s hostel, even though I’m not too in support of the idea but the hunger firing me overpowered my resolve. We got to her hostel and were greeted with a fantastic aroma coming from her room. We knocked and entered at her response and were given a warm welcome by the ladies. That was when I know she got roommate and of course that’s the first time I’m entering that room and hostel as a whole. The hostel is much more “tight” than ours with the self-contained room having enough bed space, kitchen and bathroom combined with toilet. Before we know what’s going on we were served with a glossy looking white rice accompanied by a bright looking tomato-pepper stew definitely grounded with hand grater and finished with God knows type of vegetable oil. The stew was also carrying some “ponmo” pieced into many parts to support the locust beans (iru) which already flooded the stew consisting of two aggressively cut beef meat. At that point I said to myself “Temmy was right, there is no way we would have cook this tonight”. Rachael sat in front of Temmy while they gist and eat from the same plate leaving me alone with Janet (Rachael’s roommate) sitting by my left side.

Since Temmy and Rachael has alienated themselves from us speaking so quietly, Janet and I started our own conversation. We got so engrossed chatting that I don’t know when I conquered my meal. We flow so easily, she being the first lady I’ve met that know so much about sport, football especially. We talked sport, politics, and cars, ended it on trending fashion in school. She packed our plates and I checked the time to which it was 10:57PM. I’ve never being this late outside, in ladies room for that matter, except on Champions league nights where we argue soccer till we are tired. I looked towards Temmy and Rachael direction and discovered they are still engrossed with their conversation. I had to call Temmy out. “Bro it’s 11 o, let’s start moving.” He reluctantly stood up with Rachael carrying unsatisfied face which I ignored and move towards the door saying my goodbye to Janet while waiving to her. We left the room and the ladies saw us off up to their hostel gate and I was surprised Janet gave me a good night hug.

We got back to our room and Temmy put the westlife mp3 on. That’s our typical way of sleeping. Westlife and other blues has been of help whenever we needed a sound sleep. Lying on the bed with head facing the wall and the two scenarios that occurred earlier simultaneously played right on my mind. Only this evening I’ve met two wonderful ladies, “prospective girlfriend” I thought. After thinking so much, hallucinating on what it might be with both ladies, I remembered Sandra. Oh Sandra! She was my long term crush who led me on with so call green lights on many occasions, only for me to discovered a day prior to the day I would have asked her out that she’s not only in a relationship but perfectly engaged for marriage. I was so disappointed I felt I broke my heart. The moment I remember this story, I concluded both ladies are probably the same and I slept on that.

A month and some days into the semester and the lectures are already rigorous. I’ve always thought 500level would be easier than other levels owing to the fact there are lesser courses. How wrong I was as the courses are not only voluminous but consume a lot of money too. I have my project topic now and I’m expected by my supervisor to submit the introductory chapter today. Gosh! This is more serious than technical reports we’ve been writing since 200level SWEP days. After many search both on and offline, I was able to come up with a two foolscap sheet page for introduction. I am lucky my supervisor allows handwritten works and that save me a lot of money I would have spent typing and printing.

With the door widely opened, I let myself in to the fairly ventilated office with air condition fully on, which made me wonder why the door was widely open. I saluted my supervisor who refused to respond but instead increased his concentration on whatever he’s viewing on his laptop with his right hand periodically clicking on the USB connected mouse. He continued like that for almost 20min without raising his head towards my sorry self who has remained standing. Some minutes after, he had a faint smile and look towards my side. “Yes, what do you want?” he asked with an indifferent face. “I’m here to submit my chapter one sir”, I replied, handling him the foolscap sheet. He glanced through it so quick, picked up is pen and started underlining and circling words. Before I knew what was going on, the whole page has turned red. By this time, my heart was beating faster than hard rock music. Handling over the write up back to me he retorted “correct those circled words and restructure the underlined sentences. Make sure you submit back to me latest 9AM tomorrow. Anything after that, you are on your own”. “I understand sir” I replied. I took the sheet from him and left the room. Then I remembered 9AM tomorrow he says, I checked my phone and it’s after 4 already. Oh my! This man can’t even give me till next week. I was still in thought on how to quickly make the necessary corrections to meet the 9am deadline tomorrow when my phone rang and expectedly it’s Janet.



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  1. […] NEW 9JA STORY: THE LOVE I REGRETTED [EP 05] ||  […]

  2. […] NEW 9JA STORY: THE LOVE I REGRETTED [EP 05] ||  […]

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