EP 08

I was already sleeping when Temmy and Mark came back waking me up.
Mark: Will, why are you sleeping by this time?
Temmy: What’s wrong bro?
Me: It’s already late now, it’s almost 10.
Temmy: Yeah, but I know you’ll either be chatting or surfing net by now.

Me: We’ll talk later. Where have you been?
Temmy; Fola wouldn’t let go of me. She insisted I stay with her. We were in mami since.
Mark: Temmy be careful with that lady
Temmy: Why did you say that? I’m not dating her.
Mark: I know, but she’s giving you too much attention and she obviously like you.
Temmy: And what’s wrong with that
Mark: No, it’s not wrong if she’s single.
Temmy: Is she not?
Mark: She’s married guys
Temmy/Me: What?
Me: How can you tell?
Mark: I saw her redeployment form
Temmy: She’s redeploying?
Mark: She didn’t tell you?
Me: How did you come across the form?
Mark: I was in the hall while they were filling it. I don’t think she knows me as your friend though.
Temmy: Menh! I have died!
Me: (Laughing) What killeth thou bro?

Temmy: Mark, thank you so much for saving me from a potential abomination. (We all laughed)
Mark: I beg I want to sleep before those crazy hungry Man-O-War will come with their frustrated behaviors tomorrow morning.
Me: Thanks mark, good night.
Temmy: Good night bro (He sits on my bed). So what’s the problem bro?
Me: You won’t believe it if I tell you that Funmi broke up with me this evening.
Temmy: What kind of play is that?
Me: I’m not kidding bro; she said she needs a break.
Temmy: How did she say it?
Me: She said we should have break till further notice
Temmy: And your response?
Me: I said I wasn’t in support of it that we should be together but she said she wasn’t asking for my permission.
Temmy: Wao! What was her reason for the breakup?
Me: Reduced communication between us
Temmy: Are you serious? That’s normal now; we are on camp for God’s sake.
Me: Tell her that. She has switched off her phone since then. She sent me a massage that I made her cry but I don’t know how.
Temmy: Maybe I should call her.
Me: You can try, but you should call Rachael first.
Temmy: She called me while I was coming back (He dialed Funmi’s number and it rang but was ignored). She’s dropping my call.
Me: I tell you. You are being punished for my sin.
Temmy: I have another angle to this.
Me: What angle?

Temmy: I don’t think she can just breakup with you over phone for lack of communication.
Me: So what do you think is the problem?
Temmy: There are two schools of thoughts
Me: Which are?
Temmy: One is somebody is telling her about you.
Me: Telling her what about me?
Temmy: Your closeness with Ifunaya and Uche.
Me: Yeah, when does getting close becomes cheating?
Temmy: She won’t see it that way
Me: And who knows me as her man here?
Temmy: There is only one person who knows and have Funmi’s contact
Me: Uche?
Temmy: Something like that
Me: While will she do that?
Temmy: Maybe because she likes you
Me: So she’ll destroy my relationship because of that?
Temmy: Ladies can do anything to get what they want
Me: No, Uche can’t do that
Temmy: What’s up with her though, I saw her leaving the hall in an angry fashion.
Me: I can’t even explain. I was watching Ifunaya dance and next thing she said was “I won’t watch her like that” and her facial expression changed. She said I never give her chance.
Temmy: Chance for what?
Me: I was going to ask but she never waited for me to. More like she’s jealous of Ifunaya.
Temmy: Mehn, things are happening.
Me: Bro I can’t wait for this camp to close, I’m tired. Everything is getting so boring and frustrating.
Temmy: Sorry bro, you still got like 7days
Me: Damn! What’s the other school of thought?
Temmy: For Funmi right?
Me: Yeah
Temmy: Well, I’m sorry to say this but I think she has met another guy on camp and that one is always available unlike you that is far away.
Me: I’ll choose not to believe that.
Temmy: It won’t change it from being the truth if it is.
Me: No, I know funmi, she can’t do such thing. I’m her first love remember.
Temmy: Well time will tell. Have you send those details to the manager?
Me: You are just asking now. I’ve sent it since last week. I’m even hearing they won’t allow anybody to go to company. I heard everybody is going to be posted to school except the medical guys.
Temmy: No problem with that. We’ll ask the school principal to reject us.
Me: If he refused?
Temmy: We’ll speak his language.
Me: Hmm, what if it’s on water.

Temmy: Same technique.
Me: Till then. My mind is on Funmi presently. What if we indeed breakup?
Temmy: It’s camp distraction, after camp her eye will clear.
Me: I pray so.
Temmy: Just keep your calm and start avoiding both Uche for now.
Me: I need that big time, just like you have to flee from Fola.
Temmy: On point. You don’t have to tell me.

My mind could not get off Funmi throughout the night, even the dream I had was on us. I really love Funmi, yes I’m getting little distracted but it is a mere distraction. I really can’t lose her.



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