EP 15

The place was still dark as I tried to lift myself up from a material that looks more like a mattress. I was in absolute darkness and couldn’t take a step forward or backward a the place I’m standing seems to sink down the more I tried to move. I gently stoop low and sit down on the foam-like material before I heard a voice that sound just like mine saying “you have the switch to the light, you’ll need to switch it on to see very well sire”

Me: Excuse me, are you talking to me?
Person: Yes Sire. You switched off the light by yourself and only you can switch it on.
Me: How do I do that? I can’t even see my hands or anything else.
Person: You do not desire the light sire. If you do, it will come up.

As much as I don’t understand what he’s talking about and who he is, I needed to know where I am and how I got there. I closed my eye and started thinking deep on how light looks normally. I played a scenario of me switching on the light in a dark room. The moment I opened my eye the light came up and was so bright every tiny thing were visible. I tried to look for the source of the light but could not find it in the room.

I was indeed on a mattress, a very big one, bigger than I’ve ever seen. The room is so beautiful, painted in my favorite blue and white colour, while most items in the room are in purple colour including the clothes. The ceiling of the room looks like heaven having vases containing flowers hanging in six corners of the room. There was a poster of me wearing a long white robe hung on the wall left to the exit door. I can now vividly see the person speaking to me. He was as if I’m looking into the mirror. He has everything just like I do from facial expression, physique, standing and the way he was speaking. Only that he wasn’t carrying any mark or scar and was wearing a purple robe while I’m still in my gray stripped white shirt on blue-black jeans.

I stepped down from the mattress and walk towards the guy who had remain on the same spot he was since I woke up.
Me: Where is this and who are you?
Person: It is known sire! I’ll like to take you outside, you have things to inspect
Me: Inspect? Where is Temmy?
Person: Please follow me sir.

He lead me on as we followed a very big hallway beautifully designed I’ve never seen such in my life. We started meeting people who all dressed in purple and also look just like me, doing one work or the other. They all keep repeating the same sentence whenever we pass them “Welcome home sire”.
Me: Who are these people and why do everybody has my face and everything?
Person: It is known sire. Please let me lead you to the garden.

We followed a path on the right hand that led into the garden. The garden consists of so many type of trees bearing beautiful fruits. It is so big I can’t quantify it with any known measuring scale. The misery is, whenever I point to see a particular tree or plant, we walk down and get there in a split of seconds, no matter how far the tree or plant was initially. Every tree and plants has a gardener each, tendering them by applying manure and water at their require period. All the thousands and thousands of gardeners I saw there looks just like me facially and in physique, but they were also wearing the purple rob.



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