EP 16

Me: This is awesome. How can a garden be this big?

Person: Only you know the size sire

Me: How can I know the size when I’m not the one that built it.

Person: It is known sire. Please let me take you to the ongoing project.

Me: You are confusing me the more with this your sire of a thing. Which project again, and what’s my business with the project?

Person: You requested to see it sire

Me: When did I do that? Wait! I’m supposed to be at a party with Temmy, where is this?

Person: It is known sire

Me: I remembered being hit by a plank. Tell me, I’m I dead? Is this heaven or something?

Person: You are not dead. If you are, we won’t be here.

Me: Where would we be or would I be if I’m dead?

Person: Only your Father can say. It is known that when you die, this place will be totally destroyed and rebuild.

Me: Which Father are you talking about? I never grow to know my father. My mother said he passed before I was born.

Person: That’s not true sire. Your mortal father is alive, but I’m not talking about him. After the inspection, we’ll pay your Father a visit, He’s been waiting for you.

Me: You have to be speaking in a language I understand. I got no father, except you are talking about my step father that I bears his last name and he has long passed on too.

Person: It is know sire

Me: It is known, It is known, It is known, to who now? By the way, I’m not dead and I’m not in heaven. Obviously I’m not alive either, where is this place for the love of Christ?

Person: You are alive sire. It is known, please follow me and I’ll show you the project.

He lead me out of the garden and we entered a field where there are many children playing and having fun. The field was so green I felt like rolling on it and the children were so happy. They would momentarily stop and greet us “welcome sire” whenever we pass them. The kids also have my look irrespective of their age. We went through the blue coloured road in the middle of the green field leading to a magnificent building which has builders still working on it even though it looks completed to me. It was built so high one cannot see the topmost part from the ground as it looks to meet the cloud in heaven.

Me: Wao! This is extremely great!

Person: It is known sire

Me: Yeah, I know it is known. How long has this building been in construction? Please don’t tell me it is known!

Person: It is known sire. It is as old as you are.

Me: It looks completed to me, why are they still working on it?

Person: Only your Father can determine if it is completed. He’s waiting by the pool of waterfall, please let’s go to him.

He lead me into the building and I discovered the interior part is even more beautiful than what I saw outside. All the doors, rooms and hallways are highly identical and I don’t know how the guy knows where to follow as there were no direction sign whatsoever.

We came to a place that looks like the center of the building and there was indeed a massive waterfall filling up a pool but the pool remain at the edge and was never spilling out or reducing. The water was so clean I can see where the bottom of the pool clearly but still could not locate where the water flows out.

Sitting at the edge of the pool, on a golden chair, raised a little above the ground level, positioned very close to the waterfall is an elderly man who neither look old nor young. He also has my face. He was surrounded by servants who all wear purple robes and look like me, like I’ve been seeing since my expedition on this unknown planet started. The man was wearing a bright robe I can best describe as white. He kept smiling as we approach Him and eventually stood up and embraced me.

Man: Welcome son. I’m really happy with what you’ve done here

Me: Sir, I’m not the one that build this.

Man: (Smiles) you are son, you built everything you’ve seen since you arrived.

Me: I don’t understand sir. Where is this place and why does everybody look exactly like me?

Man: This is your mind son. This is the mind you have created for yourself. You have a very beautiful mind son. You constructed and designed it by yourself, and I am so amazed at what you are capable of. But you’ve only be building and building here, you did not complete them. And without completing them you cannot see it manifested in reality. Have you seen that glorious garden?

Me: I have sir

Man: That’s your minds’ work. You’ve put your mind in so much work but refuse to complete the projects. Come here more often and complete this projects. Men are waiting for its manifestation. You can’t just keep it here, when you die, they will all perish without manifestation. That would be a gross waste of talent and opportunity.

Me: How can I be coming here sir?

Man: You already know who you are, books to read, message to listen to. To come here you’ll have to be listening to your inner man (pointing to the guy that has been leading me on since). He’s your right hand man. He’s you.

Me: He’s me? Then who are others, the gardeners, builders and the children?

Man: (Smiles) They are all you. They represent you in all aspects. That is why you could have many talents at the same time. Each person holds a particular talent or gift you have. Others hold your emotions, when you are moody, happy and even when you love. They are all waiting for your command. Always ready and obedient, only if you will use them to their strength.

Me: How do I get use to him, I mean my inner man?

Man: You’ve already recognize his voice. Always listen to yourself. Meditate on things you’ve read about yourself and try searching him out for discussion on things through your pure meditation and moment of silence.

Me: Is this how every mind looks?

Man: Yes, but some have left their mind vague and deserted. Therefore they have nothing to draw from it. And some have sold their mind to the evil one, therefore all they can draw is evil, even though their inner man kept saying No, cautioning them. Others are like you, they build their mind and never complete it. Those people you see making difference in the world are those who do complete projects in their mind. And they are never scared of taking risk which is the excuse of people like you. I believe you’ll change son and I’m waiting for your manifestations just like the world is waiting.

Me: Thank you sir

Man: You have to leave now, your friend is worried.

Me: How do I leave this place?

Man: Just go through the pool and enter the waterfall. Always remember son, you can always ask me whatever you don’t understand. You know how to reach me and I’m always here.

I entered the pool and headed straight to the waterfall as my right hand man keep following. The waterfall bit me so hard I gasp for breath feeling my shirt already soaked with water. Then I woke up to see a bucket of water has just been poured on me

Temmy: William can you hear me?

Me: (Struggle to talk) Yes (shaking my head)



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