EP 21

Me: Temmy I think I’ve put myself in trouble Temmy: What’s wrong?

Me: (I showed him the text message) I think I pushed it too far

Temmy: No you didn’t. It would have been worse if you guys are already dating

Me: Of course that’s surely a time out or I should just call it by its name, breakup. What she hated the most.

Temmy: She was really hurt by the message but she’ll get over it

Me: I pray o. Because her message sound so serious

Temmy: You don’t know how much that girl loves you. She neglect almost everything because of you.

Me: I kmow and that’s why I’m feeling guilty right now. Maybe I should go to her, beg her and let it out tomorrow.

Temmy: No, the timing is very wrong

Me: Wrong timing how?

Temmy: It will look like she pushed it and she’s likely going to be defensive because of that. She’s a lady you know, she wouldn’t want to look cheap.

Me: And I have one Janet on my neck live forever

Temmy: you don’t want to marry a lady like that. That’s obsession.

Me: (Sighs) What should I o now? I really can’t afford to lose her Temmy.

Temmy: Don’t allow her to create space. If she’s trying to go one stem out, you move two steps closer. Let things calm own naturally and at your own convenience you’ll let it out.

Me: You really think I can afford to do that now. Won’t it be too late for me?

Temmy: No it won’t be

Me: And you think it will work?

Temmy: You are getting desperate bro, and that’s bad for a good relationship. You are likely going to act in error nine out of ten times when you act in desperation. Cool down and allow things to heal naturally. If it doesn’t heal then I think it was never meant to be in the first place. Don’t forget que cera cera

Me: I know but one can stop it from coming to pass through action, inaction, negligence or being naive which I think it’s my case.

Temmy: Not in this case. Believe me, she can’t live without you. Me: Okay, I’ll allow it to heal. What do you think I should do about Janet? Her desperation wil sure be putting me in trouble if it won’t stop.

Temmy: Don’t let her bother you. The last time I checked she’s still engaged.

Me: And that’s the problem. I really pity the said guy. Temmy: I don’t. It was the guy that is giving her cause to doubt their relationship. Me: So she’s trying to turn me into refugee camp

Temmy: Spare tyre sound better (We both laughed)

Me: Imagine that. Spare tyre is always smaller than real tires and it’s for a while. The moment the real tire got fixed, spare tyre find it’s route back to the boot till another tire get deflated.

Temmy: The problem she’s causing you is even more than you know. Me: How do you mean?

Temmy: Do you know the major reason Uche was always on your neck all these time?

Me: It was project that made her start talking to me o. I don’t know where the sudden twist of events came from. The first time she was here was because of her project. Though I’ve escaped her now, at least i can rest on that.

Temmy: You wish. It’s far from over. So far her reason is still there, she’ll still come for you. Just be expecting her soonest.

Me: Wait are you Uche’s agent? Which reason other than project and thank God the project is done and dusted. I don’t even need her for the defense neither does she needs me, case settled.

Temmy: Project only give her a very good opportunity. She was only hiding under project. The major reason she was on your neck was because of Janet.

Me: How do we make sense out of that. Uche disturbing my life because of Janet, to help Janet or to punish her?

Temmy: You kmow they were roommates with Rachael in 100 level

Me: She they all told me that Temmy: Uche has always love anything Janet loves.

Me: Okay, I used to hear there is no new thing under the heaven, but this is new tome. So she love everything Janet love including man? What do I call that, obsession?

Temmy: No, jealousy I think.

Me: That will be a grade-A jealousy. She should be awarded at the next national awards (We both laughed)

Temmy: Or she can represent Nigeria at Olympics

Me: Exactly, she’s an award winning person in jealousy.

Temmy: Both of them are from the same place and it’s like Janet’s abroad guy went for Uche’s first before dumping her for Janet

Me: Mehn dude is a bad guy. Dump his babe for friend, and that’s first class break up. The guy too deserve an award for that. Legendry!

Temmy: Uche never consent to the guy’s proposal even though Janet advice her to. I heard the guy was below average financially then.

Me: Hmm. Poor dude. Broke guys problem

Temmy: Uche then asked Janet to go for the guy if she like him that much and Janet did exactly that only for things to turn around for the guy’s family a year later.

Me: Wao! Rachael told you this?

Temmy: They both did, both Rachael and Janet. And since then, Uche believes anything Janet like is surely good, even if it doesn’t look good now.

Me: (Laughed) Personally created superstition. Well that’s their problem not mine. Uche is out of the picture for good. Temmy: Time will tell I decided to follow Temmy’s advice and allow things to heal naturally with Funmi.

The plan was working successfully as we went back to being close the way we used to be before she flared up, until she started following a new guy around. This guy is huge, muscular and sincerely handsome. I felt so threatened with this new alliance and i tried as much as I could to chase the guy off her but they seem to be getting closer by day.

I almost ran mad from anger and jealousy the week Funmi used the guy’s pictures as her DP on both whatsapp and BBM. She kept using his different picture everyday, coupled with heartbreaking PMs like “Love is a beautiful thing”, “the heart knows where it belongs”. I couldn’t hold it anymore, so I call her to ask about the guy

Me: Hello Funmi

Funmi: What’s wrong, you sound angry

Me: I’m not angry. Who is that guy on your DP

Funmi: Which DP?

Me: Both whatsapp and BBM

Funmi: What do you think?

Me: Are you trying to drive me nuts?

Funmi: What’s your business with my DP?

Me: Is that what you’ll say?

Funmi: What do you want me to say? Stop stalking me around. My DP, my PM, my business, not yours. I dropped the call in shame as she was very right. I indeed don’t have business with her DP. To rub salt on my emotional wound, she immediately after the call, uploaded a picture where she was leaning on the guy’s chest and my heart literally got burst. I must take action now before I run completely mad. I was still in this shock when I receive a call from Aramide giving me another shock.

Aramide: Hi William, long time

Me: Yeah, I tried contacting you but you are always busy

Aramide: I’m sorry about that, you know my department now. I’m free now

Me: That’s good. So what’s up?

Aramide: I’m good. Remember I told you I have something to discuss with you?

Me: Yeah, we never get chance to meet afterwards

Aramide:I’ve done more research and my curiosity has been confirmed to be true.

Me: And what’s that?

Aramide: It’s not what we can discuss on phone. Let’s meet by next week. I’m currently out of school but will be back on Sunday. Thank God next week is the lecture free week.

Me: Alright, no problem Aramide: Before then, try asking your mum if you have a twin, because I can tell tell you your twin is still alive

Me: Twin ke!

Aramide: We’ll talk on Monday.



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