EP 07

Melody got to the staff room that was filled with teachers both male and female and they fed their eyes on her this making her to feel shy.

Mrs Hannah sat down on her desk and signalled melody to come to her and melody walked to her.

“What made you to be absent from……. “She didn’t finished her speech when Melody held her stomach and ran out of the staff room and then she vomited outside thus giving Mrs Hannah that shock of her life this making her to believe that the whole news she heard was the truth.

Melody cleaned her mouth with her handkerchief and then walked back into the staff room.

Mrs Hannah shook her head negatively waiting for her to get close and she finally got there.

“You can go now melody “Mrs Hannah said without looking at her and that alone cause melody to be confused thinking about why she called her there and only to tell her to go back without saying anything.

“But ma’am you wanted to…..

“I say go back to the class, I’m done with you cause you have disappointed me” Mrs Hannah shouted thus attracting other teacher to them.

Melody ran out of the staff room without looking back nor paying a listening ear to anyone.

She got to the class and then put down her head on her desk shedding tears, Amanda who was watching her from a far wondered what could have made her run like that.

Melody was still crying without looking up when she felt a hand on her shoulder, she looked up and then saw Gladys looking into her eyes.

Gladys is her classmate who sits next to melody, seeing melody cry everyday really touched her heart and she decided to change the situation.

Henry too was fighting with the urge not to get close to melody but he just couldn’t hold the pains in his heart, though she has messed up.

“Melody, it’s okay stop crying “Gladys said and sat down with melody.

Henry too stood up from his place and walked to melody slowly with his neatly ironed uniform.

“Melody, what happened there?
why are you even crying? please stop crying “He said and sat down too with Gladys next to her.

David too a young handsome dude didn’t like the way they treated melody, so he stood up too and consoled Melody not to worry that all will be fine.

Behold melody didn’t believe what was happening at all that she now has a team of people who is with her on her side.

Just as she was smiling,the running stomach came up again and she held her stomach running down the staircase thus making everyone to exchanged puzzle looks at each other wondering what’s wrong. They all looked through the window and found melody vomiting and they all looked at each other in the eyes that says “So the news is true “.

Amanda who also watched the scene was now laughing so hard that she didn’t know what else to do.

“I told you but you didn’t believe me “Amanda said to her friends

Melody walked into the class as all eyes moved down to her belly part stairing at her and observing to see whether the news is true.

Melody too wondered what could have caused such stomach upset, she walked to where she was sitting.

Henry now believed everything that he heard, he gave melody space to sit as he give her a look she didn’t understand even Gladys too and David were now suspecting her.

Melody didn’t understand what was going on at all as she wondered whether she’s smelling that everyone are stairing at her.

School finally closed for the day as everyone took their bags to leave but melody didn’t show any sign of going home, she sat there looking sober.

Henry walked passed her and then wave a goodbye hand to her and then walk out.

Amanda walked out of the class then turned and smirk at melody who didn’t say anything.

After everyone has left, she finally leaves the school at last with the thought of how everyone behaved with her in school that day but she couldn’t find the right answer to it as she head home.

Mr Patrick got back from work and then checked on Mrs Armstrong to see how she’s fairing and her health was improving but he didn’t informed his family about the situation he is now, but he plan to do so when he get home.

Mr Patrick finally arrived home and was welcomed by his wife and her daughter Amanda who took the briefcase from her taking him inside.

Mr Patrick relaxed on the couch and then took off his suit leaving only his tie on and shirt and black trousers on.

He later told his family about the woman he injured which was melody mother and they decided to pay her a family visit in the evening .



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