EP 10

Immediately the next paper which was physics written the next day.

The economics teacher called Amanda to come and get their test to show them how well they have performed.

Amanda returned from the staff room with the answer scripts in her hands which was clearly marked, she called everyone by name and hand them their script.

After distributing the scripts she returned to her sit while melody didn’t hear her name being called. melody walked to her in a slow and gentle way.

“Hi Amanda, please sorry to disturb I have not heard my name nor seen my test script “She said calmly

“What are you trying to tell me now, that I’m with your answer booklet? are you blind? Amanda said rudely

“But I submitted it to you how come mine is not given to me? she asked

“oh Eyah sorry ooo, maybe you wrote rubbish and the teacher didn’t care to mark yours to avoid stressing him so he gently tore it and throw away “She mocked.

Gladys who was standing from afar heard Amanda laughing at melody real hard, she walked to the place.

Gladys was known to be a crazy girl who doesn’t take shots from anybody,she was popularly known as the notorious girl and melody was so lucky to have her as her best friend.

“Melody whatsup? Gladys asked

“I asked Amanda of my test script which I didn’t see but she end up mocking me”Melody replied and Gladys face could be visibly seen changing to an angry one. Her breathing rate increased to that of a hungry lion who is ready to devour it’s prey.

“Amanda where’s melody’s script? She asked calmly because she hate seeing melody shedding tears.

“Who are you and why asking me such question? am I here teacher? Amanda asked forming innocent

“Oh you just have the guts to talk rubbish to me? Gladys said

“It’s obvious that melody is a poor crazy b—h who…….. she didn’t finished her statement as Gladys gave her a resounding slap which echoed the whole class.

“You lay your hands on me? she asked

“It’s obvious you are a fool in a human form “Gladys said

“How dare you slap me? you lazy crazy bit……

“Kparrrr ” Gladys gave her another hot slap on the right cheek causing the rest of her words to be reserved in her throat, she held her both cheeks feeling the hotness of the slap.

Praise who stood behind Amanda came out and start blabbing.

“You slapped her? praise asked Gladys as if she have power.

“And what will you do you b—h?

“Just try it and see”Praise didn’t even land her speech when her own hot slap landed on her left cheek thereby making everyone to be shocked seeing the way Gladys handled them.

Henry who was watching walked to them and tell Gladys to calm down.

Amanda began to fear Gladys greatly and she was visibly shaking and was afraid of what will be Gladys reaction when she finds out that she tore the script.

“Just pray that melody’s script is safe or else “she said and drag melody by the hand heading to the staff room and Amanda watched as they left.

Gladys got to the staff room and didn’t even allowed melody to say a single word as she did the talking herself.

The economics teacher had to go through his register to see but melody’s place of point was blank and he remembered vividly clear that he didn’t mark such script with the name melody on it.

He showed it to them and told them that he didn’t mark such script, Gladys knew that Amanda was behind the happenings and she must pay for her wickedness.

Even a mad man will clear road for Gladys seeing the speed she emerged from the staff room without even bothering whether melody is following her or not. she took melody as her real sister and it’s a crime for someone to treat her bad.

Amanda saw Gladys walking into the class with her eyes red, she knew instantly that she’s in a hot soup. She thought of the possible lie that she will give at the moment to save herself but none came up.

She was really afraid of Gladys, what if she finds out the truth about what she did to melody’s exam script? that means it’s her life that will pay for it.

Everyone who saw Gladys walking fast into the classroom knew vividly well that Amanda has committed and it’s her body that will tell at last.

Henry who knew Gladys for a while saw her coming that way and he knew that he has to do something or else Amanda will loose blood.

Henry stopped Gladys from walking further into the classroom, Amanda had already hid behind praise even when Gladys didn’t reached her place.

Everyone who watched the drama couldn’t help than to bursts into a traumatic laughter as they watch Amanda hiding just because of her fellow mere girl.

Melody too was laughing too that finally Amanda too is beginning to feel her own pains too.

Hatred was running the more in Amanda’s heart as she planned on how to pay melody back but not in the physical world because if she dares try it that means Gladys will surely kill her and feed her meat to the birds of the sky.

“Leave my way! Gladys ordered authoritatively thus making Henry to balance well.



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