EP 13

* Flashback *
The sun was so hot making the Monday afternoon for the students who were trekking unbearable for them and melody was one of them.
Melody was walking in the streets returning from school as she kept tweaking her buttocks this making the guys who saw her that moment to have instant reaction in their inner body as if melody was theirs.

“Follow that lady there “Henry said to his driver who came to pick him up earlier but he refused to go waiting for melody to leave for him to follow.

“okay young master “the driver replied following melody who didn’t have the idea that she was being followed by Henry. Henry finally stopped at melody’s house as she enters inside the house after greeting her parents and Henry shook his head in satisfaction.

“Let’s go back”he said to his driver as they reverse back and go home.


That was how Henry discovered where melody was living and her poor condition. The next day in school melody tried her best to avoid Henry because she was so shy to talk to him knowing that he will ask her about her response.

The SS1 students were hanging at different angles some male and female while some were alone pressing their phones due to the fact that exam has not yet started for the day. Henry too was pressing his phone watching a comic video with Gladys which made them to laugh at the funny scene as melody sat at a corner watching them.

Amanda on the other was so scared, she was not her real self as she thinks about what Gladys will do to her again. She took out her phone too and scroll through her photo gallery and seeing the picture she took when Desmond was talking to melody, a thought rushed through her heart as she smiled. Soon the bell came for exam as they all put their phones back preparing for exam, Melody too returned to her sit still moody without saying a word to anyone.

After the exam has been written, Amanda thought of the best way to approach melody so as to have a word with her.

“Melody, please excuse me”Amanda said for the first time she has ever talked calmly to melody and melody knew that it was before of how Gladys frightened her the previous day so she walked up to her.

“Melody, please let’s talk. Let’s walk out of here so as to prevent Gladys from seeing us”

They left to the school garden together with Amanda.

“Melody, I’m really sorry for everything I’ve done to you. It was the devil that pushed me into it, I’m really sorry please “she said shedding fake tears as melody watched her.

“I didn’t have anything against you and I still don’t have anything against you, so I’ve forgiven you a long time ago “Melody said

“Really? Thank you very much dear”she said and hug melody.

“But…… “she said and stopped, twisting her finger like a little child.

“But what Amanda ”

“Can we be friends melody, please I beg of u, I’m really sorry about the past I’m a changed person now”she pleaded. Melody looked down not knowing whether to accept it or not but finally agreed.

“Fine, I’ve heard u and we are now friends is that okay?

“oh thank you so very much melody I’m grateful “she said and hug melody again.

Henry and Gladys were on their way to the garden when Gladys sighted Amanda standing with melody and immediately her expression changed to an angry one as she walked to them thinking that Amanda is abusing melody again. She was shocked to see melody smiling with Amanda for the first time which made her to wondered what happened.

“Hey b—h what are you doing here? Gladys asked in angry tone pointing to Amanda

“No, Gladys don’t use such words on a fellow human being like you “she replied touching Gladys and Gladys was so shocked when she heard that. Was it not the same Amanda that used the word “b—h on melody? then what is melody trying to do now.

“Melody I don’t understand this, tell me what is happening here?”

“Fine, if you want to know. Amanda here has apologized for everything that happened and she said that she’s truly sorry” Amanda started to bring out fresh tears again just to show Gladys that she’s really sorry and Gladys couldn’t help than to laugh out real loud which got melody irritated.

“You Amanda? Pretending to be sorry? You must be out of your mind. Leave this place immediately “Gladys commanded and melody stepped in.

“Gladys just accept the fact she’s really sorry ”

“No melody, she’s not. She’s only pretending and fooling you. I’m out of this place “Gladys said and left walking away and shaking her buttocks St the same time. Melody tried to call her back but she paid deaf ear to her.

“It’s okay melody let her be for now”henry finally speak up after standing there for a while.

“Thank you Henry for understanding too. Melody see you later “she said and hurry out of the garden without looking back thus giving Henry the chance he needed to talk with melody as he smiled with his two hands in his trouser pocket.

Melody too knew why he was there smiling but she wasn’t ready to have a conversation with him as she didn’t know what to say, so she tried to walk away too as Henry grab her and turned her around in a way their eyes met and their lips were not far from each other. Henry look deep into her eyes as melody returned the eye contact too. Desmond who was watching from a far felt jealous.

“I’m sorry Henry but I have to go “she said and walked away.

The school finally closed for the day as all the students left both senior and junior including Melody who walked under the hot sun. Desmond the senior prefect was walking out of his class alone, it was only him left in the school compound as he head out of their class block.

“Desmond! He heard his name being called which startled him because he was the only one left, he turned around only to see Amanda learning in the wall with her phone in her hand. That was an insult to him for Amanda to call him by his real name.

“What gives you the effrontery to call me my name? He asked angrily and Amanda end up laughing.

“Hey young man relax let’s sought out issues before you act “she said arrogantly as Desmond wondered what she wanted to say.

“It’s obvious that you love someone and the person doesn’t love you back “Amanda said and Desmond wondered where she was driving to.

“And who could that be? He asked forming innocent

“Melody of course “she replied thus making Desmond to be frightened of how she got to know which she noticed.

“I’m in your same shoe that’s why we need to talk “she said

“I will love Henry but he is blind to see that, so it’s time we get what belongs to us”Amanda said.

“I will help you get melody, as you will also help me get Henry “Amanda explained

“And how can that be possible? Desmond asked

“Watch me”Amanda replied and let out a loud laughter.



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