EP 23

“congratulations Henry, this is your new car there” he said pointing to the new Lexus jeep. Henry couldn’t believe it that his father just bought him a new car without any reason as he covered bis mouth and rushed to check the car. Everything about the car was just so superb.

“Dad, thank you very much. I’m very grateful and I owe you a lot”he said and hug Mr Stephen as the two strangers depart to where they came from.
After they have left Henry asked his father about the new car which Mr Stephen told him that it’s because of his changed attitude towards education that makes him to buy him a new car as a token.

“So dad, this is just studying and you bought me a car, that means if I take the first position in school you will even buy me a house “Henry said as his joy knew no bound.

“Your guess is right my son, just try me and take first position in school and see what I’m going to do”mr Stephen announced. Just then Henry knew that he owes melody a lot because it’s her that brings about this success in his life as he smiled and rushed to his room to call her and informed as Mr Stephen smiled and left for his room.

Melody was with her mom sitting at the backyard as Mrs Armstrong was advising her daughter on life and how to live it. The phone she ceased from melody was still with her when it started Vibrating as she looked at melody and brought out the phone.

“I guess he’s the one calling? “she asked stretching the phone to her, she shook her head positively and tried to pick the call.

“Don’t try to do that “Mrs Armstrong warned as she drop down the phone.

“Melody, I know you are a teenager but I’m warning you for now to avoid relationship because it’s dangerous for you now” Mrs Armstrong said as melody looked at her confused.

Henry was tired of calling melody without her response, it was his fifth time of calling her but still no response as he felt sad that he wanted to inform her about his success but she’s not picking the call.

Golden gates school

The long awaited day finally arrived, the day all the ss2 students were preparing for, the day that will determine who will represent their school in the upcoming top schools competition. Teachers and students were so busy, the school compound was well decorated, music too was in the hall as the popular rude boy song “Reason with me ” echoed from the hall. Some boys used that opportunity to tell the ladies to reason with them that they go get am soon.
Sits filled the hall, lights of different colors illuminated the house though it was day time but the lights added the beauty of the house.

The three groups were seen at different angles answering questions asked by their leader to be sure that they are well prepared for the competition, just then Mrs Hannah walked to them and congratulate them and asking them to do their best so as to prove the best, she eye melody giving her a thumb up before leaving.
Melody was avoiding eye contact with Henry due to what her mom said the previous, she took time and adviced her daughter about the good and bad in relationships that she should make sure she’s doing the right thing.

Henry couldn’t wait to tell melody the good news as he was in a haste to tell her, but he later discovered that she’s avoiding eye contact with him.
As they waiting the huge school bell started sounding very loud and clear telling the students that it’s time to go into the hall for the long awaited competition, as the heart kf the ss2 students who were to compete began racing so fast thinking whether they will be on the winning team or loosing team. Melody is a brave girl as she believed in herself believing that she can never loose for anything sake.

Students troop into the school hall located on the second floor along the ss3 blocks as some were even dancing to the music played by the DJ inside the hall which was loud and clear.

After the students have taken their sits, the principal and other teachers arrived the hall looking neat and classic as they took their different positions on the podium near the DJ man.
Nine sits could be possibly seen on the podium which was in the three’s dividing the three groups into three position.

Soon the hall became very silent and cool with the help of the air conditioner in the hall as the principal stepped on the podium and was welcomed by a warm claps by the students. Everyone stood on their feet giving him a standing ovation as they sang the national anthem the two stanza followed by the national pledge.

“Welcome to this great competition “Mr Adams said after everyone sat down and be looked at everyone seeing the happiness and suspense written in their faces as they were all waiting for the competition to commence, Mr Adams smiled and continue

“My great students ,this is a great opportunity for you all. This day is to test how brilliant you are. And I must say, please put more effort to be the winner and represent our school ” he said and climb down the podium as the students clapped for him because he is a man of short speech without taking people long.
The DJ gave a short music and later reduced as Mrs Hannah climbed the podium after the principal step down.
Parents were also present to see their children compete likewise Mr Stephen who was there to see whether his boy has really changed in his failure but melody didn’t have anyone by her side.
Mrs Hannah said a brief word before calling the names of the representatives to take their places on the podium where they are going to sit.
Amanda name was the first in the list as she was being called to the podium and the house was filled with shouts and claps by everyone who knew Amanda to be very brilliant and as the one who always represent their school in most of the competition as she smiled and took her place. Mr and Mrs Patrick were there too as they smiled at their daughter waiting to see her performance, the names of group A members were read out thus making Mrs Hannah to switch to group B names. Melody name was called as the first name as she walked to the podium to take her place, people didn’t really clap that much for her because they haven’t seen her representing their school before. Henry name was read after melody as the hous was filled students murmured who could have choosen him while some even laugh out loud wondering who choosed him because they all know that when it comes to education that Henry is a fool and a coconut head, he smiled to himself as he walked to the podium. Mr Stephen looked down feeling embarrassed that almost everyone in the school knew his son to be the poor one when it comes to competition stuff.
He looked down, the names were finally read as the students representing each group sat in a row looking at the huge crowd ready to answer questions by the judges.
The panel of judges were set, everyone that needed to be there in the competition as the competition kicked off. The rules and regulations governing the competition were read out and which they told the competitors to adhere to it.
The first round started with physics as the first came to the group A. The hall was so silent to hear the question and the answer that will be supplied.

“Group A, this question is for you. State the law of gravity ”
Amanda quickly stood up without allowing the judge to land well.

“The law of gravity states that anything that goes up must surely comes down ”
The house echoed for her and sound claps accompanied her answer.

“Group B choose your question ”

“Question no.5 ” melody replied

” can you tell us the speed that light travels in a second? ”
The hall went silent to hear the answer from the girl called Melody.



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