EP 24

The hall went silent immediately to hear melody’s response which even a drop of pin could be easily heard.

“The speed of light in a vacuum commonly denoted c, is a universal physical constant important in many areas of physics. It’s exact value is 299792458 metres pee second.
Miles per second :186000
Astronomical units per day :173
Miles per hour :671000000” she replied and sat down as the hall went silent so as to know whether the answer is right or wrong. The judge couldn’t move or say something cause he was really stunned with melodys answer as he wondered the kind of girl she is because ever since he became the chief judge in golden gate competition be has never seen any one brilliant as melody. Big men who studied physics were also present in the hall as the were all amazed to hear the exact answer the question needed. The chief judge began clapping by himself which has never happened as he stood up as many people joined too to clap and soon the house could no longer contain people because of the noise and claps. The judge requested silent which the hall later calm down.

“Group B 2 points ” he announced melody couldn’t help than to smile, Amanda though she was physically present but her mind was far from there as she was busy thinking that melody will take her place in representing their school.

The round one of the competition finally came to an end which compromised three subjects which was physics, civic education and Agric. At the end of round one, the three groups scored the same point which was 20 points each of the group.
The round two came which was chemistry and economics came in. The first went to group A

“State Faraday’s second law of electrolysis ”
Gladys stood up without allowing Amanda to stand up, she really wanted melody to win.

“The law states that the mass of an element discharged at an electrode during electrolysis is directly proportional to the quantity of electricity passing through it ”

” Wrong, that is the first law not the second law” the judge announced and Amanda frowned at Gladys, Gladys herself smiled and sat down because that’s what she wanted. She wants Amanda the loose because of all the hard times she has been giving melody back then in school. Gladys looked at melody and smiled because she wants her to win the game and Amanda studied her plans which she was thinking on how to overcome it.

“Anyone who knows the answer? Said the judge and Henry raised up his hand. The house began to be noisy as people wondered what be has to say because he knows nothing about the question that is being asked. Mr Stephen looked up to hear his son with what he has to say.

“The law states that when the same quantity of electricity passed through different electrolytes, the relative number of moles of the elements discharged are inversly proportional to the charge on the ions of the elements ”

“Correct, give it to them one point ” the judge announced as everyone in the house went dumb wondering where Henry got the answer from, the answer Henry supplied was a correct one. Mr Stephen smiled from bis seat seeing the improvement that his son is generating, he promised to do more for him. Henry smiled and sat down as he smiled at melody his great teacher who is behind his success today, who makes him to be among the brilliant queue which he has been longing for, he know that he owes that poor girl a lot.

“Group B now your question ”

“Question 10″ Henry replied

‘ What is isomerism? ”

“Isomerism is the existence or occurrence of two or more compounds with the same molecular formula but different structural formula ” Henry answered

“correct 2 points ” the judge announced as people began clapping like never before for the new brilliant Henry which they wondered where he did brain surgery and how it happened. Mrs Hannah wondered how come the dull Henry is now the brilliant one, she remembered the day she met him with melody in the jss1 block solving out assignments together, she smiled that instant because no one else than melody is the cause of Henry change in academic standard. She smiled at melody knowing the work she did.
It happened that Gladys was in group A to make Amanda failed the competition as she end up giving wrong answers to the question being asked them. Amanda was so angry and fed up with Gladys wrong answer.

“Sir, there’s a problem somewhere “Amanda stood up telling the judge

“What’s it young lady? “the judge asked. Everyone went silent to hear her speech.

“Sir I think Gladys is here to make me loose by giving wrong answers ”

“How do you know about this? The judge asked

“Gladys here is melody’s best friend, and she is really intelligent but she’s trying to act dull so as to make us loose, so sir I need an action to be taken “she said and sat down

Everyone wondered whether what she’s saying is the truth as the panel discussed on how to solved the issue at hand. Mr/ Mrs Patrick were not happy seeing her daughter is about to loose.

“Silent everywhere” the judge announced and the hall went silent immediately.
“We have come to the conclusion that
that round has been cancelled and it is only one representative that will stand for each group now, so now choose your representative and the rest two should please go down “the judge announced as Amanda was smiling.
Gladys didn’t want it to look as if she’s a betrayal, she stood up followed by the other one as Amanda sat down as the representative of group A. Melody too stood up followed by Mike to go down, Henry drag her down and stood up with Mike, he whispered to her ears.
“I know you can do it melody, make me proud, make the whole world to see and know who you really are “Henry said and climbed down followed by Mike. Now it was only one representative left in each group which was Amanda for group A, melody for group B and Brownson for group C. The judge start all over again with different question but same subject. It happened so strange that at the end of round 2 Amanda scored 20 points, melody scored 10 points and Brownson scored 10 points. Mrs Hannah what makes melody’s performance to be this poor, Gladys and Henry too didn’t understand what was happening, Amanda was overwhelmed with joy that finally she has beaten down Melody that she’s going to emerge the winner as she relaxed on her sit.
Melody couldn’t help than to smile.

It came to the final round which was English and mathematics, the questions were really hard and tough. It wasn’t an easy round. Amanda was so sad that she kept on loosing questions whenever it’s her turn. The judges took time and set tough questions in the last round so as to determine the most brilliant student.
The last round finally came to an end as they were all expecting the final results. The judges asked the contestants to go down the podium and relaxed for their results which they did.
The DJ gave a soft music which made the students danced to the sound of the music, thus giving the judges the time they needed to round up everything. Soon they were done as the DJ ceased his music so as to enable everyone hearing clearly but before then the principal Mr Adams climb the poduim again and said a brief word before the final results.

“Good afternoon everyone ”

“Good afternoon sir ”

“We’ve all seen the performance on the stage back then so nobody is to be told what happened, so let’s hear the result of the just concluded competition.

” The third position goes to group C which is Brownson brown with a total point of 35 points. On the round one he scored 20 point, round two 10 points and the last round 5 points ”
Everyone clapped for him as he went on stage.

“The second position goes to Amanda Patrick with the total point of 45 points. The first round was 20 points, the second round 20 points and the third round 5 points. So let’s appreciate her as she comes up. Amanda was so annoyed as she went up on the poduim that melody is going to take her place representing their school in the top competition.
Gladys and Henry didn’t even allow the judge the call the overall winner as they were overwhelmed with joy as they both shouted, even Mrs Hannah too knew that melody can’t loose just like that.

“And the overall winner goes to who?”the judge asked

“Melody Armstrong! ” Henry and Gladys shouted from the back of the hall thereby drawing attention to them.

“The overall winner of the just completed competition, I’ve seen anyone as brilliant as her. She’s so unique and decent, I’m talking about Melody Armstrong ”

“she’s the winner with the sum of 70 points. During round one she scored 20 points, round two she scored 10 points and on the round three oh my God what a beautiful and brilliant girl, she scored 40 points coupled with the bonus question she answered. So melody Armstrong is the overall winner which is group B.



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