EP 30

* Flashback *

Amanda got to her grandma house without time wastage she dropped down the bag that contain her belongings thus relaxing for the next journey she was about to enjoin. Soon she changed her clothes on the hot sun at the hour of the day heading to the bushy and scanty road that leads to the village shrine, most people who saw her wondered what is her mission there as none knew what she was up to.
She finally got there and met the chief priests doing incantations and pouring drinks on the ground calling on their God’s to assist him. Amanda sat down on the ground without being told to.

“What brought you here little girl” the chief priest said after his incantation and Amanda wondered whether she is the one he’s referring to as little girl.

“Baba, I’m here for a reason ”

“I knew that already, speak young lady because the gods are listening “he commanded.

“Baba, there’s a girl that won me in a competition and she will be the one to represent my school in the higher ground so I want her to loose ” she said

“Brave girl, but it will cost you a fortune which I will do it after you have given me the sum of #50,000”
Amanda dipped her hands in her jeans trouser and brought out a bundle of money counted it then placed it before a scary molten figure that looks just like a ghost after which the chief priest gave her three leaves to squeeze it and rub both in her palms.

“Take this and go home, when it’s time for the competition, rub it and then mention her name three times and she will loose her memory ” the chief priest said and laughed which she collected the thing and left and that’s how she came back and did as she was told.

* Reality *

People’s eyes popped out of the socket seeing what they didn’t expect to see.

The entrance was full with securities and arm men who took time to cover the president into the auditorium as everyone stood up singing the national anthem. Sincerely it really surprised everyone present there cause none expected the president of the country in the venue not even the governor. They wondered who might have informed him about the competition but none have a glue about it. The governor stood up bowing to the Supreme power that superceed his own power. The house was as silent as a grave yard as the man took his sit waving at each individual with smiles on his lips. Melody couldn’t believe what was happening that the president himself was there to witness her success which is yet to be announced. She was overwhelmed with joy as the competition resumed from where it stopped.
Already melody had scored a total of 35 points while the person following her is with 32 points as the competition progresses. Henry couldn’t help than to smile because his teacher is about to witness a great victory that will change her story.
Live cameras were in the hall capturing everything in the house and sending it across to the news on TV, radio, and all sort of communication means. Really it was a great day which none can easily forget, Mr President was pleased with what he saw how the students answered questions brilliantly as if they are in higher institution especially melody who was the best of them.
It was the last question to bring the competition to an end which was for Miles high school which they failed and melody took that chance and answered the question which everyone applauded her including the governor and the president himself who was also stunned. The judges were now working on how to bring out the final result to determine the winner of the competition. The house couldn’t bear the suspense anymore especially people from golden gates school because they vividly knew that melody will emerge the winner of the competition, it was a great day for both junior and senior students of the school. Desmond the senior prefect of golden gates school smiled at melody who return the smile to him. Her eyes met with that of Henry and she averted it instantly while the sad memories came flooding back remembering the hurtful words Henry said to her and how he treated her without caring whether it hurts her or not. The judges finally were done with the answer while they climb the podium to announce it. Just then the president stood up followed by the men who guarded him, he walked to the podium and was welcomed with a clap and shouts from the students.

“Good afternoon my great people, I’m happy to be amongst you today and I must confess that what I witnessed here is a life history.

I came uninformed and I guess most of you were shocked seeing me, but I was here to see your governor after being told about this great competition that he is here to witness it so I decided to witness it too myself before going back. So I now stand to announce that whosoever his or her name is being announced on the list as a partaker of this competition will be given five free country of their choice to choose one to further their education there in scholarship and to the winner of this competition. Such student will be overseas studying with everything she requires in life being done to and such person will be touring with me to wherever I go and such will be my best student.

Note whoever his or her name is not here has nothing to do with this and won’t be permitted to be partaker of this and won’t even see such, and for those of you who are also here today I urge you to study hard and one day you will have such a great opportunity as these ones” he said and climbed down as the house was filled with claps and shouts, students who competed their hearts were filled with joy and happiness hearing such great news as they jubilated know even though they have loosed they still have opportunity to study abroad with free things of their choice. Amanda heart was hot to the fullest as she hated melody the more that melody will leave the country, Gladys too was filled with joy even Henry who was happy but suddenly look with the feelings that melody will be leaving him behind soon and he will be missing her so badly.

The house went calm as before as the judge proceeded to announce the results, melodys joy knew no bound as she knows that her dreams has finally come true and she’s about leaving for good. That alone made her smiled.

“The school that took the last position with the total of 30 points taking the fifth position and represented by Chinedu Obiaku is Success is sure high school ” he said as the young boy stood up waving his hands and the house jubilated. He stepped forward shaking the president and the governor who stood on the stage, he collected his gold medal with an award of 5th position.

“The fourth position goes to Top high school with the total points of 32 and being represented by Amaka Ebuka ” the young girl stepped forward also shaking hands with the government officials and camera lights were flashing on them simultaneously.

“The third position goes to Mentor general college with the total points of 45 and being represented by Obiaku Menzzar ” he announced and the young boy also stepped forward doing as others did before collecting his medal.

“The second position goes to……. ” he paused looking deeply at the script as melody heart began racing so fast without her knowing why it’s so.

“The second position goes to Miles high school with the total of 52 points and being represented by Chiamaka Chinedu ” the judge announced which she stepped forward and doing as others did.
Melodys heart was jubilating even people from golden gates school couldn’t hold back their happiness as they knew that they are the people that took the overall winner which is by melody.

“And the first and overall position goes to Golden Gate high school with the total sum of 60 points who emerged the winner of this year’s top school competition and the winner goes to….. ” the man paused and melody held her chest closing her eyes as she waited for her name to be announced by the judge.

“And the winner goes to Amanda Patrick ” the hall was so noisy as melody opened her eyes wondering what is happening even the staff from her school didn’t even understand the sudden change. Amanda who was sitting in the crowd stood up and climbed the podium smiling sheepishly, melody stood at where she was as fresh tears drilled out of her eyes. Why is it that her own things always come different??
Why her? Amanda shake hands with everyone without the governor or president noticing that she was not the one the represented the school. Mr Adams was boiling in anger just then reality struck him the he has not changed Amanda’s name in the list after submitting it to the panel telling them that it’s her who will represent the school. Henry was physically angry and Gladys who stoop up instantly walking to the podium without minding the security men. Melody was crying without saying a word or telling them that it’s not her name and that she’s the one to be called up. The chief judge took the microphone again and speak.

“Your excellency I present to you the competitors who participated in the just concluded competition, here they are and remember it is only those that their name is on the list that represented their school, outside that you are not recognized.

“No it can’t be !!” Henry’s voice who yell from the back distracted them as everyone attention drifted to him, people wondered where he got such boldness from to talk while the president didn’t give him the chance to. The security tried to stop him but the president told him to speak out his mind.

Henry walked to the front boiling in anger twisting his fist as if he wants to fight, he send Amanda a deadly glare who was now wondering whether this is not the same Henry that loved her. Melody couldn’t believe that Henry is there to defend her not after breaking her heart with hurtful words.

“Your excellency there’s problem somewhere and I won’t agree to the cheat” he said

“And what could that be young boy? He asked as he stay calm to hear him out.

“We all know that that’s the girl that girl standing there was not part and parcel of this competition and why is her name being announced? Melody is the right person that should be announced not Amanda. That’s the person that represented the school there ” he said pointing to melody who was busy shedding tears and that was when almost everyone in the hall noticed that it’s the truth because none of them noticed that. Even the judge was shocked too, including me Adams who wondered where Henry got such boldness from. Mrs Hannah smiled that finally there’s someone to speak for melody.
The hall went quiet to hear the final solution of the problem at hand as Amanda was boiling in anger that Henry has betrayed her, many too hated Amanda that instant for taking someone’s glory without being ashamed and stepped on the podium to receive the award. The president looked at melody in a fatherly way and looked back at Amanda to say his final words because he is a father too and he understands such situation and how to handle it.

“I have already spoken that whoever his or her name is not in the list has nothing in common to do here ” hearing that amdma smiled and melody couldn’t held back here tears as it kept on flowing and Henry was more angrier this time to hear the president saying such. It was really bad to hear such from him and everyone listened very properly to hear his final speech which he did said it.

“As it is now, melody represented her school but Amanda’s name is the name on the list so Amanda Patrick is the winner…



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