EP 32

Truly it was a tragic day for the family of Armstrong as their only daughter and hope passed away just like that. Mrs Armstrong couldn’t control herself as she cry and wail rolling on the ground for her daughter melody, people who were there didn’t know the possible way to console her because that was their only hope.

Henry stood up from where he lie of the ground as dusting himself as he let out a loud laughter that filled his room as if he’s insane. Henry vividly knew that Amanda will come for him so he was fully prepared for her knowing that she might strike ant moment. Henry unbutton his shirt and took off the first shirt, did it the second time and like that till he took off the sixth shirt that he was putting on, he brought out a waterproof that contained a prepaid stew which he had it hidden in his clothes, that was what looked like the blood when he was being stabbed by Amanda. He walked to the bathroom and cleaned up himself with a shower . How came out from the bathroom and switched on the news channel and what displayed on the screen almost make him lost balance as he couldn’t talk nor move but only his eyes widen in shock. There displayed the picture of melody and the news being announced that melody the best student for the year is dead on her way to the airport to further her studies. Henry couldn’t believe what was happening until he saw Melody’s picture on the screen as he yelled out in pain.
“Melody! Running out of the house with just a trouser and a singlet, he entered his car and zoom off to Melody’s residence driving like a mad man in the road with a full speed and he kept on hitting his fist on the steering wheel. Everyone clears road for him to pass so as to avoid being a victim, he got melody’s house and seeing the crowd the covered the whole compound made the tears that was already in his eyes to drop finally. He walked slowly to where Mrs Armstrong was sitting just to see the old woman crying in pain for the sake of her daughter. What a wicked world.
Henry ran out instantly and people who saw him wondered who he was to act that way, he got to his room searched everywhere for his phone but couldn’t find it because Amanda took it earlier. That was his only means to find out whether Amanda is really dead or it’s just a joke. Henry brain was not functioning well anymore as he sat on the sand as a little child taking the sands into his hairs shedding tears that was meant for melody which he couldn’t believe that she’s gone too soon. Not for anything else but on her journey to success, how could Amanda be so wicked and cruel? Henry was thinking of a way to join melody as he stood up heading to the forest which he knew nothing about.
Melody’s body was being brought from the roadside as everyone were seen crying especially her mom who’s only hope is gone, she kept on lamenting and crying for her daughter who is gone.

Two days later, on the hot sun at the hour of 2 in the afternoon. The cemetery was filled with people who were all in black attire and sunglasses on their eyes. The priest was with the Holy Bible lamenting some words while some able bodied men hold Mrs Armstrong so tight that she won’t even try of jumping into the grave. Henry stood as a statue without blinking his eyes as he stared at Melody’s corpse in the coffin lying lifeless. Desmond too was present the entire staff of golden gates school were there too to mourn their best student going to her early grave. Mrs Hannah was crying physically even most of the students couldn’t control their tears. It was really a tragic day for people that knew melody.
They finally closes the coffin with a brief prayer by the priest saying that her soul rest in peace. It started raining heavily but none care to run for shelter as the heavy rain keep pouring on them.

Henry was affected so badly by Melody’s death, he barely eat and he was becoming so pale looking scattered with scattered beards all over his jaws. His hair was growing like that of a mad man. He just couldn’t believe that melody is gone leaving him behind without a promise or them getting married as they planned. The old days they shared together kept coming back fresh into his memory as he kept remembering how they were together. He tried his possible best to control himself as a man but he just couldn’t do anything about it because he surely love her.

The death of Melody was a sad one to both young and old as the poor girl left the planet earth untimely. Her parents has just 15% point of survival because it really affected them as they thought about what life will render to them without their only daughter.


Henry was now a big man who managed one of his father’s company. He waited for so long to see whether melody will return, whether it was just a joke but it happened real that melody is truly dead, he decided to move on with another person but he wasn’t ready yet to forget about his first love.

He was finding it difficult to survive without his missing rib but he decided to move on with a new person named Chester. His first crush back then in school before Melody came into view but he didn’t love her the way he loved melody.
Things happened so fast that Henry was planning for his marriage but his heart was still battling not to forget melody so soon.
People began forgetting about the name Melody as she was no more. None remembered if such person was in existence except people that she mattered a lot like Henry and her parents.

Amanda was still hiding in her hiding place not knowing that Henry is alive though his fame spread but she wasn’t ready to believe that it’s true.
The police were looking everywhere for her as it was being discovered that she was behind what happened to melody. She was now wanted both my government and everyone.
It was on a hot afternoon when something unexpected happened.



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