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EP 04

We Just kept looking at each other’s eyes, for the first time, I looked at him without turning my face away. My heart was beginning to melt deep down inside, it was just like a dream come true. He had really innocent eyes, his gaze was pure and directed, he barely blinked. For once, I noticed his pink thin lips, they looked so lovely. His eyes made me flutter inside.

I felt weak and vulnerable. He moved his hands to my cheeks, gently brushing them. Cold shivers ran down my spine. This is a great sin am about to commit, I said to myself, I felt guilty inside. He pulled me closer and kissed me. I was scared to death, I wanted to resist this, but I knew I did not want this to end.
It was my first kiss, something I never thought I could experience this early being in the custody of my strict parent. Suddenly, he pulled his lips away from mine, got up and started apologizing profusely ” I’m sorry Ruth, I didn’t mean to do that, I was just carried away, I didn’t mean it please. Don’t be offended”.
I stood up, feeling a little disappointed. I didn’t want the sensation to end. I grabbed his shirt, pulled him closer to myself and kissed him. I could tell he was a little startled, even my own boldness surprised me, was I stupid or something?. I have never felt anything like this before. Why then did mum lie to me that guys are not different from a wolf? I asked myself, cos the experience of my first encounter with a guy felt like living in heaven…
Suddenly, someone shouted from the window, ” Children of Satan! I have caught you today”.
Shocked…What have I gotten myself into?..

We both turned around, and behold it was the Catechist. He started walking menacingly towards us. I hid behind Matthew, and buried my head in his back. I was deeply ashamed. Reality had struck me. The Catechist is a friend of our family, he and my dad were in the church planning committee. He has always praised my dad for having well-behaved children. I knew I was in big trouble, there was no way I was going to get out of this, at least not without some lashes from my father.
The Catechist tried to snatch me away from Mathew’s back, but we kept turning him in circles. He grew angry, and slapped Matthew. Matthew stood motionless, holding his face in his palm, as the Catechist snatched me from behind him. “You this lady, what have you turned to all of a sudden?” He lifted his hands, and aimed a slap at my face. I shut my eyes tightly, anticipating the sting from the slap. It never came. After a few seconds, I slowly opened my eyes, and looked up. Matthew had intercepted the slap, he held the Catechist’s hand in the air as they struggled. Sarah hurriedly walked into the building, she was shell-shocked when she saw Matthew and the catechist.

I could see the disbelief in her eyes as she held her mouth in her palm. She beckoned on me to follow her, and bolted away. As I took the first step towards my escape, the catechist shouted “will you stop there” I froze. He let go of Matthew, and grabbed hold of my hand. “I will take you to your father personally, he must know that you are now a prostitute” he taunted.
At this point, tears began to roll down my cheeks, I fell on my knees pleading and sobbing, promising never to repeat this mistake. Matthew joined the begging but all to no avail. He dragged me out of the building, all the way to his motorcycle, order me to climb on, and zoomed off, to my father’s house. I was shedding tears all the way, I know my father will be at home at this time.
How bad can this get? I kept wondering as tears flowed freely.



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