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EP 05

My house was a 5 minute drive from church, We arrived in no time. The catechist jumped off the bike like a professional high jumper.
The look on his face was one of excitement rather than anger, I couldn’t understand why. Maybe he has been looking for my downfall for long, who knows! He banged repeatedly on the gate with so much vigor, as if he was trying to drive a nail through it with his bare palm.

“Yes? Come in”, an obviously irritated voice replied from the compound.
The gate flew open, and I was surprise to see David. How did he get home before me? I wondered. He too was bewildered to see me soaked in tears, with the catechist maintaining a firm grip on my hand, as if I was a criminal.
“Good evening sir” he muttered.
“Is your father at home?” The catechist queried…..
Yes but……
He interrupted before David could finish the statement. He pushed him out of the way, and dragged me along, I was already sobbing uncontrollably. David locked the gate quickly, and ran after us.
The sitting room door flew open, there was my father. He was lying on the sofa with a copy of the “ Hear My Story” Story written by Olajide, Oduniyi D ., covering his face. His glasses Hung on his nose. He was so engrossed to notice who just entered the sitting room.
“Ekurole sir” the catechist greeted in Yoruba language.
My father recognized the voice, and quickly sat up on the sofa. He turned around, and immediately saw me cringing behind the catechist, sobbing loudly. He sprang up from his seat, and rushed towards me.
“Ruth, are you okay? Where have you been, what happened to you?.
The catechist jumped in.
“You won’t believe were I saw your daughter just now. This small girl is now a prostitute”
My father was startled, a look of confusion enveloped his face.
“What is he talking about?” He quizzed, directing a stern gaze at me.
The catechist continued. ” you know that house we are building for Reverend father, the one at the other end of our compound. I have been going there to inspect the place for more than one month now, each time I go there every Saturday morning, I always pick up condom sachet, and even used condoms. I wondered how this was made possible in the church premises. So today I said I must go and see what is always happening there every Friday and to know the perpetrators of such ungodly act.
On getting, behold! I saw your daughter, with that useless boy called Matthew. The position I met them both ehn! I was really shocked. Even when I wanted to correct them, the boy started fighting me”………
“Enough!” Thundered my father. He turned towards me with blood shut eyes,
“Ruth, so you have decided to disgrace me? After all my discipline?”……
No daddy, I did not….



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