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EP 06

I must have been in the room for close to two hours, lost in my own thoughts. I wasn’t crying anymore. A blank stare registered on my face.
My door flew open suddenly, the sound of the door knob slapping the opposite wall jolted me back to reality. I must have been so carried away, I didn’t notice she had returned from work.

She hasn’t undressed at all, she was still wearing her white gown. It was her uniform. She is a nurse, who runs her own maternity somewhere in a local community in Lagos, Ajegunle.
Her presence brought about another round of tears. I actually thought she was going to pacify me, or at least hear my part of the whole situation.
But the look on her face told a different story. It was a look of indignation and outright disappointment. She stood there looking at me for a few seconds before she finally spoke out.
“So you have started sleeping with those small small boys in church abi?”
“Mummy I did not…..”
“Shut up”
“It wasn’t……. ”
“Keep quiet, I said! Now tell me, how long have you been sleeping with him?”
“Mummy, it’s a lie, I didn’t sleep with anyone, I have not done it before, I’m a virgin I swear…. I replied, crying, hoping my tears would convince her.
“Hmmm, we will see about that, I’m coming” she said, as she walked away from my room.
I stayed on my bed, confused, and wondering what my mum was up to. I couldn’t tell if she believed me or not. At least she hasn’t added to my father’s torture,……yet.
Twenty minutes passed, I must have been falling asleep when my door flew open again. My mum was back. She had taken off her uniform. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. She was clutching on to a pair of surgical gloves. Gently, she locked the door, and began to wear the gloves.
A lot ran through my mind. Why did she lock my door? What does she need surgical gloves for? Today was the day all my affection for my mum died and was buried!



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