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EP 12

The 6’o clock alarmed buzzed with It’s usual disrespect and insolence. I hated that alarm. It seems to go up during the sweetest part of my sleep.
Unlike most people though, I loved Monday mornings. It meant going back to school. It was my getaway, my only chance of leaving this cell and gaining my freedom for few hours before returning back to my parent’s den.

Today was a special Monday, I was going to do something I had never done before. I was excited and scared at the same time.
My day began like every other day, I jumped out of bed 5 minutes after the alarm, and dragged myself to the sitting room for morning devotion.
Once again, other than mumbling a few unintelligible words, I had no active participation in the prayers.
My mind was solely focused on getting to school. As soon as the prayer ended, I greeted every one, and headed straight for the kitchen to do my chores.
I finished up quite early, the zeal and speed with which I finished my chores surprised my mum, I was fond of lingering on chores.
I bathed swiftly, and got set for school. My white shirt and blue skirt were properly ironed. There was not a single stain on my stockings.
I looked as neat and tidy as possible, everything was in order. I came out of the house, and sat inside my mum’s car waiting for her to take me to school. She took me to and from school every single day of my six (6) years in secondary school.
As I sat there, my mind began to wander. I was about to do something strange and unfamiliar. How ‘ll this day turn out? Where exactly is Matthew going to take me? I was unsure of myself, but I just couldn’t wait to find out.
My mum joined me in the car few minutes later, it was already 7:45 am. She started the engine and we zoomed off. My day was just about to start.



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