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EP 26

I didn’t feel anything anymore, all that remained was slight regret. The whole episode did not seem right to me. His hug barely made any difference. Slowly I dressed myself up, and attempted to stand up. It was time to go home. As I stood up, I felt a Sharp pain down below, it made my walking steps awkward. I just prayed it stops before I get home.

I managed to walk up to the door, which he held open for me. As we walked towards the car, I tried to walk as normally as possible despite the pain. I did not want to give the silly boys any impression. It obviously didn’t work though, as their jeering and senseless talk continued. As we drove away, I kept silent. A lot of thoughts filtered through my mind. What would change after today? Will my mum ever find out? Have I made a mistake? Only time will tell. The silence from Matthew was equally deafening. He seemed indifferent about my feelings. Few blocks away from my house, I told him to pull over. I did not want any one around my neighbourhood to see me inside the car with a boy. “Is anything the matter”? Matthew asked in a calm voice. “I just don’t want to be seen coming out of your car” I answered.
“No not that, you seem tensed”
” I’m scared, I feel a little different. What if some one finds out”, I said almost shedding tears. He grabbed hold of my hands and pulled me closer to himself. “Ruth, I mean every word I said to you. I‘ll always love you”
His words infused me with some courage. I felt much relieve. Perhaps they were the words I needed to hear. “Learn to stand up to your parents, you are not a kid anymore” he said in a cold voice, letting go of me. I reached out and kissed his lips, before stepping out of the car, to make my way home.
The walk home was very uncomfortable, I felt a lot of pain in between my tights. My whole body ached, but I had to put on a bold face. My heart pounded as I approached the gate to my house.



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