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EP 28

I began to take steps backwards towards the mirror again. “Daddy please I did not……”
I had barely finished the statement when the first swipe of the leather belt landed on my scalp. I buried my head in my arms, to protect my face from my father’s battering. Swipe after swipe landed on my body, it stung more than a bee. One swipe hit the wall mirror, and it came crashing down in pieces.

Daniel rushed forward to my rescue, seizing my dad’s arm in the air, giving me a little breathing space. I fell to the floor and began to weep. Flashes of heat, coupled with tears and hot sweat ran across my body.
“Hold her, check if she is still intact.” Dad commanded, as he struggled to free himself from Daniel’s grip. My mum was already on her feet, she turned towards David who had just joined us in the room. “Hold her for me.” As David began to walk towards me. I started to imagine what would happen. Daniel would hold me down, while my mum parted my legs in the full view of three adult males. It would be a terrible embarrassment when they all discover that my hymen has been tampered with. I couldn’t take it anymore. All the remorse I felt disappeared. A new feeling of anger and bitterness swelled inside me, I felt like exploding. I grabbed a piece of the broken mirror on the floor, and made it visible to everyone. “David, don’t come close to me” I yelled at the top of my voice, pointing the Sharp object at him. The anger and ferocity in my voice, coupled with the violent wave of tremor surging through my body shocked everyone. They stood in amazement, with eyes wide open. The sight of me with the fragment of broken mirror must have terrorized everyone. David equally stopped in his strides and withdrew. An uncomfortable silence followed. I looked around the room, and had a clear sight of the door. I dashed straight for my bed, raised my pillow grabbed my phone and headed for the door. Everyone gave way and allowed me through. I ran towards the sitting room, hoping the main door was not locked. Daniel ran after me, calling out to me, as if he knew what I was thinking.
“Ruth wait, please don’t go, wait Ruth, Ruth.”
His pleas fell on deaf ears. I opened the main door and ran out, into the open. It was around 7pm, and a little dark already. I could barely see where I was going. I unlocked the main gate, and headed out into the streets, running straight ahead. Where I wanted to go, I had no idea. But I resolved not to return to that house that night. I was ready to stake it out alone in the open.
I was out on the streets on a cold night, I had run away from home. I put on my phone, and began to make calls, trying to find a place to lay my head for the night.



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