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EP 34

As the taxi approached my gate, my phone rang. It was Sarah. I answered as quickly as my fingers could move. “Have you gotten home?” She asked, without a good morning wish.

She sounded a little anxious and worried. “Just getting to my gate” I replied. “Be strong oh, no fear, they searched for you throughout the night, ” she said reassuringly but Surprisingly though, I really felt “no fear.” My heart was stone cold, I felt I could face anything my parents threw at me. The taxi finally parked in front of my house. My mum was standing right outside the gate, looking anxiously at the taxi and probably wishing I was the one coming. As soon as I alighted, she rushed towards me, while I was handing the cab driver his money. “Ruth, where did you go? Where did you sleep, we searched for you throughout the night. ”My mum queried as she grabbed hold of my hand, trying to pull me close to herself. I felt a little embarrassed, the taxi man seemed more interested in our family affairs than his money.
Why this sudden show of affection? Were they not the ones that chased me out yesterday? I thought to myself.
I kept my face as bold and expressionless as possible, despite my mum’s public display of affection.

My mum lead me inside the compound, and walked me into the sitting room. As I entered, Daniel rushed forward to embrace me. “Jesus thank you” he whispered into my ear.
“Where did you go? We couldn’t sleep ” he continued, with an expression of relief on his face.
I had not replied anyone, I kept my calm, knowing that the real question and answer session would soon commence. My mum sat down, repeatedly doing the sign of the cross, and mumbling some unintelligible words. She picked up her phone, and called my Dad. “She has come oh” she said, and dropped the call. I headed straight to my room, and fell on my bed. I brought out my phone again and pinged Sarah and Hannah to inform them that I was home.
Sarah replied, telling me to stick to the story, and never admit I did anything wrong the previous day. That was already what I planned to do anyway. We continued with our chat, they were both eager to hear the events of the previous night.
I shared my ordeal with them. They seemed much fascinated by the “fun” I had. I mentioned to Sarah that Matthew and I had unprotected sexual intercourse.
“Are you crazy? How could you do that, do you want to get pregnant?” She asked, with an angry smiley in front of the texts
“I didn’t even know, it just happened” I replied. The very thought of getting pregnant fell on me like a cold shower in winter. I couldn’t imagine what my parents would do to me.
“Remind me to give you something, we’ll chat later, good to go” she replied.
I had no idea what it was, but I knew Sarah was an expert in these issues. She could sneak in and out of her house to attend night parties without being caught.
My door flew open, to my greatest surprise. Daniel entered, while I was still typing with my phone. I thought I locked the door when I came in. He had seen my phone already, there was no need hiding it.
“Where did you sleep last night”? He asked, sitting on my bed. “Hannah’s house” I replied, without blinking eyes.



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