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EP 35

Hmmm you know, dad and mum searched the entire city for you, we even went to see your friend Sarah. This morning dad had gone to the police station to make a report, fearing that something bad might have happened to you.”

I fought off the laughter that threatened to spoil my straight face. The knowledge that my parents were really worried gave me some joy. “So whose phone is that?” Daniel asked, pointing at the phone in my hand. “It’s not your business” I replied. Daniel got up and gave me a long suspicious stare before walking out of the room. I couldn’t look straight up at him, he already knew I was lying. In fact, I had become an expert at telling lies, almost competing with Sarah.
As Daniel left my room, my mum entered, still doing the sign of the cross. This time, I had tucked my phone under my pillow. “Where did you go?” She asked, without a worried expression. I repeated the same set of lies I have been telling.
“Those bad friends you are keeping eh, hope they did not bring a boy to the house?” “Mum please! don’t insult the people who took me in when you drove me away” I shouted, feigning anger. “I wanna have my bath” I said, springing up from my bed and walking towards the bathroom. Mum just sat there, I could see the look of surprise and fear in her eyes. This was clearly beyond my fleeing from the house last night. She was clearly afraid of the person I was becoming. The boldness, or perhaps rudeness with which I spoke surprised me too. It just didn’t sound like me anymore. I had changed, and I knew it. I entered the bathroom, and shut the door behind me, listening to hear when my mum will leave.
As soon as I heard her footsteps walking out, I came out of the bathroom to prepare for school. I was already going to be late. I dressed up rather slowly, looking at myself in the mirror to notice any changes. Perhaps I looked a bit bigger. Elsewhere in the sitting room, I could hear my dad’s voice, he had returned from the police station. He sounded rather angry. My mum was trying to pacify his anger. Suddenly, he stormed into my room, demanding to know where I slept. I stood aloof, staring blankly ahead. I had no intention of replying him. He motioned towards me, and lifted his hands to slap me. I made no effort to dodge or resist the sting of the slap. Luckily, mum held his hands in the air. “Leave her, she slept in Hannah’s house” my mum said, attempting to defend me. “Is that what she told you? This little liar. that my police friend I went to see at the station this morning told me that he saw Ruth with a boy, driving around town at 4 a.m this morning. I’m very sure she slept with that boy.” My heart skipped a bit, that police officer definitely saw me. He was speaking the truth.
“Ruth is that true?” My mum asked with a resigned tone. She was almost close to tears. “It’s a lie, I slept in Hannah’s house” I replied defensively. “Come and take us to Hannah’s house, I ‘ll confront her mum personally” My mum said, dragging my hands towards the door. As we walked towards the door, I remembered that Hannah’s mum wasn’t in the house when I slept. I just hoped the entire plan played out



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