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EP 38

I lifted my head up slowly, to confirm the figure standing in front of me. My heart melted away when I saw the shock and disbelief on Matthew’s face. He gave me a cold hard stare, sending shock waves all over my body.

I tried to speak, but words didn’t come out. There was no plausible excuse for my presence here. Matthew pinned his gaze at the underwear in my hand, it was very obvious to him that I had engaged in some sexual activities. He let go of me and walked towards Folorunsho. I turned around and looked at Folorunsho, it was at that moment I recognized the face. He had a striking resemblance with Matthew, infact they must be related. I stood by the door in a state of confusion, I had no idea whether to run or just wait and explain it all to Matthew.
Streams of tears began to roll down my cheek. I knew I was in
big trouble. Matthew simply walked up to Folorunsho and handed him something from his pocket. Probably an ATM card.
My attempt to abscond coupled with the unusual chemistry
between me and Matthew must have surprised Folorunsho.
“Whats going on here? Do you know her? ” he asked, alternating his gaze between me and Matthew. Matthew looked at me with disgust written all over his face. “Yes, she was my girlfriend” he replied as he turned his eyes away from me and walked towards the door.
Those words really struck me at that moment, I felt like collapsing at that particular moment cos I knew no amount of explanation made at that moment can amend things. Was this how my relationship end with Matthew or did he took time to hear my own part of the story and make things up with me?



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