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EP 43

Gradually, the anxiety I felt began to increase. Hannah’s absence greatly disturbed me. All throughout the period of fighting in the hotel, she never came out neither did Samuel.

Negative thoughts began to sip through my mind. I feared something bad might have happened to Hannah. There was only one person who should know where she is. Even if we had just fought, I had no choice but to talk to Sarah. I looked around and spotted Sarah, she too had a worried look on her face. She had her phone to her ear for a while, obviously trying
to call someone. The frustration and resignation after each attempt showed that she wasn’t getting any success. I marched towards her with obvious annoyance. “Where is Hannah.? ” I demanded, Sarah noticed the fury in my voice, she too was scared. I expected her to reply harshly, but I guess she too saw the enormity of the situation, and her undeniable involvement.
“I don’t know where she went, I left her in the hotel” she replied, with a shaky voice. She was almost crying. Her sudden change of emotion made no difference to me. As far I was concerned, she was as guilty as hell for all that might be happening. “Why on earth did you leave her there? ” I inquired further, spitting out more anger.
“I didn’t see them any more when I wanted to leave, she wasn’t answering her phone either.”
At that point, Sarah began to sob. Something told me she knew more than she was letting out. She wasn’t just panicking, there was more to it. What ever it was, we had to find Hannah.
“Get up, let’s go and look for her” I ordered “Where would we start from ” Sarah asked,
“The hotel of course” “They are not there, Samuel and Folorunsho took her away, I don’t know where they went. Non of them is answering their phones” Fear gripped me when I heard those words, I knew there was something wrong with those boys. Something must have happened to Hannah. I walked back to my seat with resignation, my heart pounded. I kept dialing Hannah’s number over and over again. It rang repeatedly but there was no response. I placed my head on my desk again, hoping to catch some sleep before the extra lessons began. I was almost dosing off when my phone rang. I picked it up in a hurry, I knew it had to be Hannah.
“Hello? Where are you” I asked in a hurry. The voice at the other end of the phone wasn’t Hannah’s. It was a lady who identified herself as a staff of the hotel we just visited. She called to find out who owned the phone. Apparently, she found Hannah’s phone in the room while she was cleaning up.
It became obvious to me that my friend Hannah was missing. I turned towards Sarah, she was still on her seat. This time, she was shedding tears. She definitely knows what was happening. I sprang up from my seat and ran to her, gripped her shirt by the neck line and demanded to know where Hannah was.
The Sarah I know would have fought back, but she looked up at me quietly with guilt written all over her face.



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