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EP 45

The sullen look on her face presented a kind of guilt I couldn’t understand. She avoided eye contact with me. I was very sure she knew something that she wasn’t telling me. My heart raced as we entered the psychiatric hospital.

The sheer magnificence of the building wowed me a little. But it still did not shew my anxiety. I know that mad people were usually admitted here, hence I did not know if I should pray to find Hannah here or not. As we walked in, Sarah began to drag behind. Her unwillingness to enter the building gave her away. I looked suspiciously at her and left her behind. Unlike the previous hospitals, this one had no reception. I looked around for a while, hoping to find someone to talk to. I ran towards a nurse who seemed to be hurrying out of sight.
“Excuse me ma, please help me I’m looking for someone ” She neither lessened her pace nor stop to look at me. She was focused on the file she was carrying. She walked and spoke at the same time. “Who exactly?” she asked, flipping through her file and walking briskly. “It’s my friend, her name is Hannah, I don’t know
if…….. ” She stopped abruptly and shot a horrible look at me immediately I mentioned Hannah’s name. I stole a glance at the file she was holding, it had” Hannah Balogun” written on it, with a tag next to it stating clearly “Emergency”
“Are you the Sarah? ”she asked, grabbing hold of my hand. “No ma, Sarah is just outside, I’m Ruth” I replied, trying to wriggle free from her grip. “Take me to her” she ordered, as she pulled me towards the door. My anxiety increased, at this point I was certain that Sarah had a lot to do with what was happening.
“Do you know your friends Parents or anybody we can contact ?” she stopped and asked. I thought about it for a while, if Hannah wanted them to contact her family, she would have volunteered those information. I decided to
withhold answers myself.
“No ma, I don’t know anyone ”
“What about your school? ”
“School has closed” I replied.
She resigned from her questioning and continued towards the door, till we were out in the open.
“That’s Sarah” I said, pointing towards her. The sight of the nurse holding my hand firmly, and pointing at her frightened Sarah. She began to retreat towards the gate as we
approached her. “My friend stop there! “the nurse ordered.
Sarah froze, with a frightened look on her face. The nurse approached her and grabbed her by the hand. “Come with me, you have some explaining to do” she said, as she led us all the way up to her office. Sarah was shedding tears already.



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