He stood patiently at the alter waiting for his bride – today’s their long awaited wedding day

Dressed in sparkling white texude suits and shoes made of diamond , Daniel stretched his neck glancing repeated at the door for any sign of her but to no avail..

” relaxe man..
Your virgin bride will be here soon ..”

Olisa whispered ..

” just shut up”

Daniel growled softly at him regretting why he chose Olisa of all people to be his best man on his wedding day..

They had met again in London and luckily enough , they were both attending the same college..
They became friends after wards ..

” yes sir..
I guess you should put a little smile on that grumpy face of yours..
She’s already here ”
Olisa whispered again..

He looked up and behold she was walking slowly in an angelic manner towards him..
His heart beat raised and a sweet sensational feeling arouse from the pit of his stomach..
She’s so beautiful that he wondered if she’s actually human..
He watched her walked towards him with her uncle escorting her..

Too bad , her father is already dead ..

” you look beautiful.. ”

He whispered and oh God !!!…
The smile she gave him nearly drove him mad..

” thanks love ”
She beamed starring into his lovely eyes..

The priest cleared his throat and began the wedding ceremony…


” do you Chidinma precious Odunze , take Daniel chukwuemeka Okoye as your lawful wedded husband ?”

Asked the priest..

” yes I do ”
She answered..

” do you Daniel chukwuemeka Okoye takes Chidinma precious Odunze as your lawful wedded wife? ”

” yes I do”
Daniel answered with a mischievous smile..

” by the power bestowed to me as the priest of the most high God..
I now pronounced you husband and wife..
You may now kiss your bride”

The priest concluded, Daniel lifted the veil slowly and kissed her passionately and the crowd grew wild with joyous ovations…

Onyinye was so happy that she couldn’t stop herself from hugging Mama..
Her friend truly deserves the best…


After taking her bath , she wore her pyjamas waiting patiently for her husband to join her..
She was so nervous..
Its definitely her first time and God she’s so scared…

Soon the door of the bathroom opened and Daniel came out with towels tied around his waist showing off his well built body ..
He’s d–n sexy..

Nma swallowed hard as she found herself checking him out ..
Daniel noticed and smirked..
” its okay wifey ..
Am all yours tonight ..
Stop raping me with your eyes ”

” what !!!..
No way ..
Just find something and put on ”

She said nervously looking away..

He just smiled at her childish behaviour and went to the wardrobe and picked his pyjamas…

Soon he was through and joined her on the bed..

” let’s pray ”
She said kneeling beside the bed and Daniel followed suit grinning..

” shut up and close your eyes”
She demanded sternly..

” yes ma ”
He chuckled as he watch her secretly commit their new family into the hands of the Almighty…
What more could he ask for in a wife???..

She’s Worth more than Ruby..
Truly he’s the luckiest man ever…

They laid on the bed quietly staring at nothing..

Her head on his chest as she listened to his heart beat..

“What could be going on , on his mind ?”
She thought..

Aren’t married couples suppose to have sex on their wedding night?..

The thought of it made her stomach to churn..

Daniel noticed..

” what are you thinking? ”
He asked adjusting so that he could stare directly into her eyes..

” aren’t married couples suppose to do something on their wedding night ?”
She asked feeling so shy..

” something like what?”
He asked pretending not to get her point..

” like sex”
She bit her lips feeling so embarrassed..

” oh really?..
Do you want us to have sex?”
He asked naughtily 😝
She couldn’t help the blush that crept to her cheeks..

” am not saying that.. Actually what I meant was that ..”

The sentence hung unfinished as he crashed his lips on hers kissing her passionately..
Feeling the heat radiation on their bodies creating warm feelings which made him hard instantly…

He reached for her button and plucked it off , still kissing her he pulled her shirt off revealing her lacy bra..

” nice body”
He went ahead to handle her.
” yeah..
Oh God ..l ”

She moaned breathlessly..

” baby its gonna hurt a little “.
He said softly..

” take it easy Daniel ”
She whispered desperately ..
Mixture of fear and pleasure..

He penetrated her and she gasped in pain..
The pain she was feeling at that moment was mightier than menstrual cramp ..
She felt her private part tearing and tears filled her eyes..
He has just broke her hymen ..

” should I stop ?”.
He asked not sure of himself..

” no my love..
We can’t stop now ”
She said
The pain was soon replaced with pleasure as they made love..

The next morning..
She woke up to see her loving husband staring lovingly at her..

” Good morning sunshine..”
He greeted her with a kiss..

” Good morning my love ”
She smiled..

” hope you slept well?”

” not really ..
You couldn’t let me sleep”
She said with an eye roll and he laughed softly starring deeply into her oceanic eyes…

” thank you for keeping yourself for me..
Am proud of you baby ”

” thanks ”
She said shyly..

” you know..
When you told me that you were still a virgin..
I doubted , I mean I taught it wasnt possible in this generation..
But you proved me all wrong..
And am glad to be the lucky man to break the UNBREAKABLE VIRGIN ”

He said and kissed her again..

” thank you so much baby..
From now on..
I promise to love you with my last breath..
Am gonna make you the happiest woman alive..
Baby , I love you so much ”
He said

” I love you too baby..
Thank you so much for waiting for me.. ”

She added with smiles .

” I think its time to make babies ”
He smirked scotting closer..

” am still sore ”

She laughed as he snaked his arms around her waist pulling her closer ..
Slowly he kissed her…


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