EP 01

Everyone was walking down the road, the street looks very busy, people who has their cars were riding in it , all of a sudden the rain started making everyone to run, looking for a place to hide themselves

Lara was also seen running, luckily she was able to site a supermarket across the road. she quickly made her way to the supermarket .
By the time Lara entered into the supermarket , she was already drenched by the rain, her cloths were soaked and water dripping out of them.

“sorry!! A young good looking guy said.
Lara turned to look at him , she glare at him from his head to his toe , He look like he was there to get something . Lara carefully scan him before she finally reply ” Thank you”
The moment Lara said thank you , she removed her gaze from him and was looking at the sky , hoping and praying in her mind for the rain to stop.

“Take , you can use this to wipe your face, The guy said , stretching a handkerchief towards Lara.
” No , thank you , I ‘ll rather stay this way , Lara said without a second thought.

“OK fine , but I think you are shivering , I can order a cup of coffee for you here, the handsome guy said
” look mr, stop disturbing me, am already drenched by the rain, please leave me alone . I don’t need your cup of coffee or your help, just let me be. Lara said with so much hateful glare at the guy.
The young man was surprised, he was only trying to help , and besides he didn’t mean any harm.

“I’m so sorry young Lady , I was just trying to help, I didn’t mean any harm…He said nicely but Lara was already loosing it, she just couldn’t bare the guy anymore.
” You know what young man, have told you I don’t need your help but since you don’t want to listen I will rather leave this place for you. she said , as she put her things together and made way to the door.

“No,no…you can’t leave because of me, I’m really sorry if I have said something bad, the guy said but Lara mind was already made up. she opened the door and went out.

As she was going , she was looking for a place to hide because it seems the rain is getting more heavier.
Lara looked and looked but there was no place, everywhere was closed and there is no way she is going back to that supermarket , so she decided to use her legs instead , after all , her house is just close by.
As she was going , a car was also following her , at first she never knew she was the one until the car stopped near her and that was when she saw the owner.
” You again..Lara said
“please young Lady, come in let me take you to your place , the rain is too much for you to walk under, The young guy said but Lara won’t give a thought , she was still going.
The young guy was still following her with his car and pleading for her to come into the car but Lara refused . then the moment she got to her street junction , she told the guy to stop following her else she will scream that he is a kidnapper and that was when the guy turn back and left .

Lara murmured until she got home , wondering what kind of stubborn person she met today .
she quickly concluded that the person was a flirt, only a flirt will be after a woman like that even in the rain



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