EP 07

Lara was still shocked about how Michael was able to locate her house.
How was he able to get her address?

After some minutes that Michael entered, Lara has already been feeling awkward, she was just pacing up and down in the parlour.
“Mr Michael , I still don’t understand what you are doing here, I mean how did u get my address?
you can’t just come and invade my privacy, I really don’t like that idea, Lara said

Michael breath down and then answered
” what don’t you like Lara? the idea that am just trying to be a friend but you keep pushing me away?
the idea that I like you and i want to know you more but you kept blocking every way. Lara I don’t know what you think of me but am not like that. I am a man of respect, I don’t go about chasing women, they are the ones who come after me.
if you have been hurt in the past that doesn’t mean you should hurt other people or treat others as thrash.
you know what miss Lara, am sorry if I pushed it, i’m sorry for coming here, i’m sorry for invading your privacy, I promise you here and now that i will never disturb you again, I will never try to come close to you, I’m so sorry, Michael as he stood up and made his way to the door.
Lara was so ashamed of her action, the words of Michael really eat deep into her, she didn’t know what to say.
As Michael was about to leave , then Lara said with a teary voice
I’m sorry, it wasn’t my fault, Lara said making Michael to stop and turned back.

“you know I just want to be a friend, a friend to help share your burden, am not here to hurt you, Michael said making Lara cried the more. Michael moved closer and turned Lara to face him , then he said ” you can tell me everything dear friend “, Michael said holding Lara.

Lara quickly wipe away her tears and said ” Not today but one day ”
“if you say so, stop crying then , I don’t like it when ladies cry, Michael said
” oh really!! no problem , Lara said wiping her face properly.
“That more like a good girl, ummm I smell something, Michael said jokingly
” ummm long throat, anyways I was just rounding up in the kitchen when you came, Lara said
“wow, so what did u make, the weather is really cold and it needs something hot, Michael said jokingly.
” I made fried rice and chicken , come let’s go , Lara said as she takes Michael’s hand and led him to the dinning table and they both had lunch.
That very day marked the beginning of Lara’s happiness, there is no day Michael won’t call or visit her, they became so close that people started saying they were dating especially Lara’s neighbor.
one day in her compound , one of her neighbor called her and said to her that she is glowing .
“Aunty Lara, you are glowing these days ooo, what’s the secret? the neighbor asked
” my dear thank you but no secret anywhere, is just God, Lara replied
“ummm if you say so sister Lara but am sure is because of that uncle that is always coming here , the neighbor said and just when the finished her statement , Michael entered, then the neighbor whispered into Lara’s ear
” indeed na God , see as him fine like Baba God real blood, the neighbor whose name is moji said and this made Lara to smile widely.

Lara has really enjoyed her relationship with Michael, though they are both playing it on a neutral ground but Lara has deeply fallen in love with Michael but she wonders if Michael also feels the same for her.



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