“Can you please, release them?” Michael begged when the random slap seem to have no ending, their cheeks is redden already due to the slaps and the punishment is enough already. Where ever they see Michael they will surely take another route.

“Sure?” He nodded, she joined her hands together thick dark smoke emanate from the joined palm, they stopped slapping themselves and run away without knowing what is after them.

“Hahaha!” Michael drop to the pavement due to the directionless run they took, he shakes his head in pity. Zadira gave him a food flask.

“Thanks, am not hungry” he shyly said looking down at his feet, she didn’t say anything and disappeared without letting him say the next words in his mouth.


“Is that not your bestie?” Cherish tapped Angela who is not looking at her direction, Angela turned to see Michael, she nodded and wanted to avert her eyes but her friend’s words caught her off guard.

“Do you see who he is talking to, hunger don make person mad oohh..” she rub her two palms together. Angela glared at her. She drags her away from under the mango tree they were standing.


“Aunty, good afternoon” Michael greeted the lady at her 30s wearing wrapper and a white polo, she look up and nodded then continue washing the 5 heads of pawpaw fruit.

“Michael oohh..” she called after him after some minutes, he rushed out wearing trouser and blue shirt. Her eyes hovered all over him and noticed that all the bruises are gone. she was scared at first but she didn’t want to shoe it because of her pomposity and hatred for Michael.

“Weeks ago you said you want to pay for your exam fee, since your exam is starting tomorrow. Sell off these pawpaw heads” she instructed with her hand dragging her left ear to show seriousness.

“Come and buy your pawpaw! ” he carried it on his head without complain, he is determined to sell all of it, because the returns will be will be used to pay for his promotional exam fee. His uncle is capable of paying it but his wife and him are determined to make life a living hell for the poor boy, the thought of it alone brings tears to his eyes


“Come and buy your sweet pawpaw!” He left Abuja street to the T junction leading to mechanic road and federal road, he decide to go to his right which is federal road.

“Pawpaw, come oohh!” The mechanic man whose shop is close to the T junction wave him over, he intend to purchase.

“So how much is for one?” The man asked weighing the weight of each pawpaw that seems big in his eyes.

“100naira, sir” Michael informed him, they argue price but each of them stand on his aforementioned price, the man insist on buying it 70naira, while Michael won’t bulge cause if there is any form of reduction he won’t be able to pay his exam fee.

“Your pawpaw is going” he is now in the new road leading to Port Harcourt road to sell the fruits to passengers going to Port Harcourt city.

“The sun is so hot” he complained, his legs hurt already because of the load and the distance he has covered. He went under a tree to rest, he look at the 5heads of pawpaw fruits that no one has bought from it on the tray. He sighs in frustration. It seems like luck is not on his side.

“Help me Lord” he prayed before putting the tray on his head, he walk some distance before having intuition that the tray is empty. He brought it down from his head and his suspicion is true.

“Come and buy your pawpaw” Zadira mimicked his voice, as she catwalk as a princess she is in front of him. Her long hairs stopped at her waist and her long legs adore with gold, her beauty ceased the breath of nature.

“Beautiful Zadira”



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