“Zadi, you disturbed me a lot in the Exam. Hall” Michael said, both of them are ahead of other students who are also going home. Michael with his blue and white uniform and Zadira walking beside him.

“Am sorry, I hate being silent. not like the exam. is difficult for you.” she hold his hand, Michael smiled at her and she did the same. They walk silently towards the gate that leads to exit of the school.

“When will you tell me about yourself?” Bright and Kennedy run as fast they can shouting and calling Michael’s name, they curse him in the process.

“Your friends are here, I will tell you about myself when your aunt send you out to sell.” Michael wanted to ask her what she mean by that, but she disappeared before his two aggrieved friends could meet both of them there.

“Michael! Wetin dey pursue you? or na wetin that witch tell you to do?” Bright said angrily, pouring out his heart to him. he saw Angela walk pass three of them. he tapped Kennedy.

“That biology man wicked oohh.. see questions wey get grand children and 3rd generations. Thunder go surely strike that man” he ignored the hand on his shoulder, he surely knows that is because of Angela that his friend is alerting him.

“Angela, please wait” Bright half run and half walk to catch up to Angela who is with her two friends chatting happily about the Exam. and about boys.

“How may I help you? ” Angela stretch her arms wide wondering why he is after her, he apologise for disturbing and wink at Sandra Angela’s friend who giggle.

“Eehh… Kennedy said I should call you, please don’t be angry come with me. He really wants to talk with you” Bright grinned mischievously, Angela hesitate before succumbing to go with him, immediately Kennedy notice Bright has called Angela on his behalf without permission, he took to his heels ahead to the school building.

“Hahaha, mumu boy” Bright and Michael laugh at the inability of their friend not to woo a girl. Angela hissed and left with her friends.


” where are you Zadi?” Michael called out searching around the place to see if he could see Zadira.

“Here I am” she replied him, sitting on a branch of the tree in front of Michael, he dropped what his aunt asked him to sell on the ground.

“What are you doing here?” Arms akimbo, Michael asked looking at Zadira who is on the tree swinging her long beautiful straight legs a habit she is fond of.

“This is my house” Zadira retorted, he look around to see if he could find any building to point as a house but to his horror, he only find bushes and tall tress practically the area has no touch of development.

“Maybe you should start being vincible and start living like normal people” she scoffed, and jump down from the tree. she suspected he is not comfortable being with her in such lonely area.

“Look am learning how humans live, for now I remain invincible and here remains where I call home” she said meaning every of her words, Michael went to where he has earlier dropped the tray containing what his aunt asked him to sell.

“I should be on my way since you have refused to listen to me” he is about to leave when she asked a question he regretted to affirm to.

“You don’t want to see me until I start living like human?” he nodded, her hairs glow and her face burn with flame of anger, her eyes sparkle with great light energy and she disappeared before him angrily, he called her name three times regretting why he made her angry but she didn’t answer, he gave up and left.


“How much is it” Zadira asked the young girl who is the seller, she paid and collected the bags of clothes and move out of the boutique. She saw spirit of death walking towards her dieection. She made herself invincible.

“Elwu!” He called the spirit of death who called her princess and bow in courtesy, they talk for sometimes.

“I need to grant two souls passage to their Maker by 6pm, my princess” Zadira nodded while the spirit move in speed of light from where they stood, Zadira shake her head and move with fire away from there also.


“Uncle this money won’t do for my transport to the Village” Michael complained with ghana-must-go-bag hang on his right hand shoulder, he has just finished his Exams. And his grandmother wants him to return to stay with her in the Village.

“250naira can take you to the Village, so you can’t trek a distance that a bike man will agree to take you to the village with 250naira? Eehh.. Michael.” He fume his fist tightening on the remote he is holding, Michael cursed him under his breath and set out to trek the distance under the hot sun.

“Bike” he waved down a bikeman after trekking from Civil Defence Road down to Port-Harcourt road.

“Where you dey go?” The man with his helmet and gloves wearing short and brown sleeveless shirt.

“Ochigba, help me with 250naira, please sir.” Michael begged him, he agreed to help him. The time is 5:59 and 25seconds to make the time 6pm.

“Piiii..!!” A trailer moving from Bayelsa to Port-Harcourt horn roared, the bike man carrying Michael wants to cross the road. The trailer and the bike collide.

“Please Zadira”



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