“Mother, can you believe that Jackson beat me up” Felicia’s statement didn’t surprise the woman who has been looking up to the sky, Felicia had travelled all the way from town down to Ekpena to meet her.

“My daughter, that is the consequences. You hedge the charm on your love for your children” the woman who has been listening to two ogygy(flies) answered, beside her are leaves fetch from the forest in the village.

“mother, Oliver is becoming worse everyday” she complained bitterly, it true her son’s recent behaviour is overbearing, she can’t do anything to stop it ’cause of the strong charm that remains unravel if she loves her children more than life.

“Do you want to control both of them? People will be suspicious my daughter” the woman who has taken a leaf from the other ones threw it into her mouth chewing it, and murmuring incoherent words.

“No mother, you know Jackson never love me” Felicia regretted what she has done all in the name of revenge, she wish now that she hasn’t have chosen this part but its too late to go back.

“I will give you an enticing charm, ekpor (talk) he will surely eat the food that you will put the charm” the woman pull her slippers, bare foots she walk in a circle singing song and pouring incantation before going sideways into a small hut.

“Ijele!” Zadira called out, as thunder rumbling and great fire burn on her without consuming her, she has succeeded in stopping Elwu from continuing the ancestral passage ritual that will declare Michael’s spirit a death spirit.

“My princess!” Ijele bow in courtesy of her royalty prestige, Elwu asked Zadira to meet him and convince him to terminate the request has made to the Maker of them all.

“What brought the princess of the living spirits to the ancestral abode?” He was surprised to receive such visitation ’cause the living spirits doesn’t associate with the death.

“Why do you want your son in the spirit world?” Her ocean blue eyes spark thunder with great current as she speak, the fire rises as her fury increases, Ijele knelt down before her immediately.

“My princess, he has suffered so much, and we need him to conquer in Iyelbu day so that we can be given chance to avenge our death” on hearing the voices outside Ada the wife of Ijele and mother to Michael, step outside the hut to see Zadira with great fury. She go down on her kneels pleading for mercy.

“I will send Ama(thunder) to help you on the day of Iyelbu, you know the consequences of me bridging nature, cry to our Maker to return his soul” Zadira stretch her hand to the sky, a sword descend from the sky to her hand curled with great thunder energy, they received it from her and she disappeared before them.

“Olboy, this one you come bulk today, whatsup” Oliver had their usual handshake with Target his friend, he wasn’t smiling. He took the marijuana on the table and lit it then drag the smoke then puff out thick smoke.

“Boss, am ready to join you in the operation” Oliver said puffing another thick smoke, the one sitting on the other side of the chair not saying anything covered with thick smoke only smile and puff out thick smoke.

“Nelweamini!” Zadira called out standing in the river bank; she has taken Michael’s body from the hospital who has sustained so much injury on his body.

“My princess, Nelweamini sent me to you, here it is” Nulshi the little fish with hands present a little jug with water inside, Zadira took it from the fish and administer it on the injuries on Michael’s body.

“Salvaged Zadira”



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