“Adaora, I know you are there. Please open the door.” Michael’s voice urged his younger sister who has been playing at the passage between the storeroom and kitchen.

“Ummmhh… mom said I shouldn’t open the door for you” she parked her toys and left, at 12years Adaora’s still plays with toys and hardly touch her assignments, all are done by Michael.

“Please, help me out of here!” He banged at the door harder, screaming his lungs out. He dropped to the floor and start weeping bitterly when his effort seems futile.

“Climb quietly” Boss instructs Spider who is the first to climb over the fence, followed by Oliver. He threw the guns over the fence; the thrown guns were caught by Oliver and Spider.

“Please, don’t kill me!” The gateman begged the two people with well loaded AK47 in his security room, they cello tapped his mouth and knock him out with the butt of the gun.

“Pick those brooms” unseen force ordered with re-echoing voice, three friends matched to the frontage of the upstairs with their guns and picked up brooms for continual sweeping.

“Mama, I want him dead.” Felicia said fuming and tapping her foot on the ground out of indignation. Her mother spit out a colored spit with leaves.

“Hmmm… take this!” The woman took wrapped dust from the calabash; made some incantations with her gong.

“Call his name three times and blow it into the air, your wish will be done my daughter.” Felicia thanked her, and called some passersby to help offload what she got for her mother into the house. She gave the two boys 500naira in-turn, they thanked her and left afterwards.

“What are you doing all alone here?” It is the night of the day they arrived at Abuja, he hasn’t spent time alone. He has just left his hotel room five minutes ago to think at the pool side.

“Am Tife, representing South-West for the presidential quiz. You are?” She demanded with a text book in her hand, she is a bookworm who hasn’t slept till now. Reading from one book to another.

“Michael!” He answered her nonchalantly sitting down and dipping his legs into the pool, staring up into the sky.

“Why are you not friendly?” She asked sitting beside Michael doing the same thing he did, she waited to hear something but the silent grew. The moment she wants to speak.

“‘Cause you lust after him.” Michael muttered under his breath, letting his back to fall. She opened her mouth in admiration, actually she like him at first sight ’cause he is only male who made it to the final stage of the presidential quiz. She tried making him talk but he shut her out.

“You are the only one who has not failed any of our questions, so who am I to you?” The man glow with smile, he is a popular man in the country.

“Born into the family of three of Bethel; schooled and grew-up in Ogba/Egbema/Andoni LGA, Obite Rivers State. Was once a chairman, twice the speaker of House of Assembly. Lost in the gubernatorial primaries election, twice a Senator and lastly the current vice-president. Born in 1994, sir you will be having your birthday tomorrow 15 February. Bethel Samuel by name, I’ll be the first to wish you happy birthday. ”

“Oh… Zadira!”



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