“Am sorry for interrupting, can I see both of you, inside?” Jackson requested kindly shocking Michael whose mouth is left opened, Jackson’s grandmother never fails to apply a leaf that makes them see spirits. He left both of them and went to sit inside waiting patiently for them.

“Do you eat flies?” Zadira taunt Michael to close his mouth which he did, she walk in majestically ahead of him. Michael followed closely behind that explains why Zadira didn’t show up in the face of his uncle. She is aware all these while.

“Am not aware of many things for years, but am deeply sorry for ‘causing yo..” Jackson went on his kneels to plead for forgiveness Michael rush to his uncle preventing him from kneeling; he didn’t blame his uncle for anything.

“I am not mad at you; there is no need for asking for forgiveness. You have done no wrong to me” Jackson pat his back and went inside the house, Adaora came inside the room with teary eyes asking about her mother.

“Michael, these documents contains your father’s properties. He has two companies that I think are still functioning on their own waiting for you to finish your degree and then become the youngest CEO.” Everyone in the room clap their hands shading the sorrow of the day away, Jackson said as he dropped the documents on the table.

“I believe she has sold all my properties, and she isn’t aware that am with Ijele’s documents.” tears fall from his eyes to think about all he has labored for all his life is no more when he awake from his slumber, he wipe it quickly. There is nothing to be afraid of.

“We are leaving this Estate to one of our own that belongs to your father, so which class are you Michael?” Michael and Adaora laugh at Jackson but Zadira didn’t they are yet to know what really happened to Jackson, serious Amnesia Michael thought.

“Am going to write WAEC next year” he said smiling broadly, his uncle shake his head. He is sure that he didn’t attend his brother burial and he will need to go to his graveside to wish him farewell.

“I’ll be back; Michael, you and your friend should take care of the house. And you Adaora be a good girl” he kissed his daughter forehead and pick the car keys on the table and left, he has just read Felicia diary and he didn’t blame her for everything. He has a child with her which is Adaora.

“Hey! Bro, I can’t believe you are no more. Am sorry I couldn’t come to your burial or your graveside for years, am finally here. Hope I’m forgiven?” Jackson parked at the road side to visit his late brother’s grave, who he sees as his father and mentor. Who made him who he is today; he cried out his eyes that his only brother is gone.

“Why do you give up easily? I thought you said we will be together till we grow old.” He drag himself out of the graveyard ’cause is late, he went to his car and rest his head on the steering. He has a lot to do, and one of it is visiting his mother in the village.

“You have a beautiful room, Zadira!” They have been living together after the disastrous events, Michael pleaded with Zadira to stay in same mansion with them, she agreed to it. They have visited the village together as one big family. Zadira’s big bedroom is decorated with red and gold, Michael chuckle at the sight of beautiful treasure objects in the room. Princess indeed!

“I’ll kick you out of my room, Michael” Zadira warned frowning at his thoughts, he raises his hand up in surrender. Walk to where she is standing.

“Why are you staring at me” Zadira look away when his eyes locked with hers, Michael raise her face and gave her a light kiss on her lips. She blushed and wanted to walk away, but he quickly grabs her wrist.

“You are very beautiful Zadira, will you be my girlfriend?” she nods as a reply, his lips crash on hers. They both give all to the kissing, his hands crossed her waist and her hands curled on his neck. As they both explored the depth of their mouth.

“Look, princess Xani the treacherous one. It only remains a patch, which is the eta day for their bonding to complete” prince Zulu pointed to the wall of the cave of spirits bonds, where many bonds are shining on the wall. many circle emanate great light and when any is broken it becomes total darkness and it will never be the same, showing a beautiful lady with him.

“They will never bond, that stupid prophecy will not come to pass” she declared as the Earth quake with so much intensity at her words, Zadira’s sister the princess of Earth. Prince Ulu nods repeatedly, very well.

“This is your last chance, Zadira. Do you want to have extra years in the school?” The bald head man sitting before Zadira threatened, the man has been trying to lure her to his bed. Many times he has given her carry over and before he will defend results before the Senate her record will suddenly change to A, and the result cannot be changed.

“Sir, am sorry I cannot do what you ask of me” the man has been promoted to HOD of medicine department, he lower his medicated glass to stare at her. Michael convinced Zadira to take WAEC and JAMB to enable her join him in the University.

“Leave me my office, we shall see!” He ordered her out of his office pointing at the door; she got up from the chair and strolled to the door. The man cursed under his breath, he is ready to do anything to get her.

“Where is my phone” Mr. Owen rub his tempo, he remembered keeping it on the table before going out for meeting. He went into his study desk in his office, a knock landed on the door and a young girl walk in dejectedly.

“Sir; am ready.” The man with bald head smile, he really wish Zadira’s case will be like this stubborn girl who have just accepted her defeat. He just needed a quickie to ease his worries.

“Hello!” Zadira said into the phone, she has just transformed into Mr. Owen, she pressed the phone to her ear and said the exact word.

“Ooh Zadira!”



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