“Where are you Zadira?” They have sent the body of the old woman to mortuary, Michael stayed back to have a last look at the house that held special memories. He looked through the widow expecting to see Zadira, but there was no sign of Zadira.

“Aahh haa-haa!” The children of Agbara laugh joyously outside playing round the fire, Michael step out to find them.

“Take!” One of them left the circle of the children with white costume, Michael took the red ring from the spirit and he went back to the circle. They gave a piercing laughter and vanished. He stare at the ring closely not knowing what to use it for, he tucked it into his pocket after staring at it for a while.

“In two days the full moon will shine in its glory, on that day comes a great occasion. The contenders for the Eta day step forward.” Axurira the spirit of orator announced, Prince Ulu smile mischievously he has just strike a deal with Xani who made it possible to reduce the days that the moon will take.

“I am one of them” Prince Ulu step forward, other spirits that are interested in marrying Zadira step backward they are all aware that they are no match for the prince of war.

“That is not our agreement” Xani brought Ulu to the mountain top immediately after the pronouncement, no spirit wants to wrestle with him, which gives him the freewill to marry Zadira without a fight.

“In two days princess Xani, I’ll be seen as the King and the maker of fate. I’ll surely wipe out those foolish old spirits in the fate court” he boasted and disappeared laughing wickedly, Xani screamed, breaking down mountains.

“Michael! The son of Ijele!” The priest of Igbudu on Xani’s command visited Michael’s house, who haven’t left the house after the ring has been given to him.

“You have to help Zadira!” The man with ofor and local charms tied around his ankles speak up looking into the sky, Michael have received lot of calls concerning Zadira’s whereabout from the hospital she work as a doctor.

“Am ready to go on the journey of love” the priest of Igbudu draw a circle with red chalk, dropping a clay pot in the middle emanating thick dark smoke. He asked Michael to step in and sit.

“Zadira! Zadira! Zadira!” He repeated three times, the ring burn with fire and he disappeared. The priest knelt all these while pouring libation after asking him to do so.

“Hahaha! The stupid human” Michael has just arrived in the spirit world guarded by the three evil witches.

“The one who will die for love” the one with long nails and one leg said, Michael stood at the front of the cave watching the three witches showcase.

“Oohh… princess Zadira don’t remember him, hahaha!” They transformed into three eagles, ready to attack him. Xani throw rocks on them shielding Michael away, she fly on the sky with great dust.

“Run, run,” the three witches went into the cave, Xani land on the ground, walking to where Michael has stood his ground ready to defend himself.

“Zadira?” He mutter under his breath when he saw the exact copy of Zadira, Xani is Zadira’s identitical twin sister.

“Ooh.. Zadira”



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