Omoni Oboli: I’ll hunt anyone who falsely accuses my sons of rape

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Omoni Oboli, has vowed to come hard after anyone who falsely accuses any of her sons of rape.

In a recent Instastory post, the film star opined that false rape accusations are just as deadly as the act of rape itself.

The actress revealed that she and her husband have taught their sons and continue to teach them that consent is everything.

Her post comes in the wake of the drama that flooded Twitter in which an actor and comedian, Justin UG, was vindicated after proving that the allegations of rape made against him were false.
Several internet users were outraged over the issue and called for justice on behalf of UG whose reputation suffered as a result of the allegation.

“False rape accusations are just as deadly as rape! As a mother of young men, please I’m begging you to stay away.”

“If anyone falsely accuses any of my sons, I’ll hunt you down with everything. We’ve taught our boys and still teach them that consent is everything,” Omoni Oboli wrote.

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