Photos: Camera removed, light switched off Death toll increases at lekki’s Toll gate.

Few hours back before 4pm some men had come to lekki’s Toll gate to uninstall the cameras, later in the evening, all lights went off at lekki’s Toll gate and few minutes after that An unknown vehicle came close to where the protesters are and open fried on all civilians.

All these happened few hours after the governor of Lagos State imposed a 4pm curfew.

Allegedly all protesters believe this is the hand work of Lagos State government.

The men who came to uninstall the camera.
This men claimed they were from the government and they were there to perform camera maintenance.
DJ switch, live at the lekki toll gate massacre

Conspiracy theory has it that: this was a well planned attack on peaceful protesters. It is yet to be confirmed if this is the work of the Lagos State government in a bid to prove they are serious about the curfew or someone or a party or a group of people are trying to set the government up.

What do you think?

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