President Talon: Benin to be self-sufficient in energy production soon

Benin Republic will soon achieve energy autonomy, President Patrice Talon reassured on Tuesday in the National Assembly.

“As I speak to you, our country produces by itself, half of our current needs and will be completely self-sufficient within 18 months,” he said in his address on the state of the nation.

During this constitutional exercise, the Beninese president pointed out that “the quality and stability of the electricity supplied at present leaves much to be desired because of the undersized and outdated distribution network.

This situation is very detrimental for the few of us who have power connection, but it will soon be forgotten in view of the investments underway.”

Nigeria, in spite of its energy challenges, supplies electricity to neighbouring Benin, Togo and Niger Republic. These countries owe the nation a combined energy debt of N30 billion from January to September 2019.

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