RELIABLE SOURCE: Stay indoors to prevent health danger – Medical expert

A medical expert has warned that residents of Osun State should be prepared for warmer days and nights.

This preparedness, he noted will require smart adaptation strategies and participation in climate change resilient practices, to cope with the damage caused.

Dr. Saliu Ajagbe, a medical practitioner who gave this warning in a telephone conversation with SOURCE stated that the surge in heat was as a result of waves resulting from emission of greenhouse gases.

The medical expert called for observations of effects of the heat waves on humans which included, dehydration which can lead to unconsciousness or death, chickenpox, heat rash, and psychological stress.

In order to overcome these side effects, Ajagbe advised that more water should be taken to stay hydrated.

He also called for the avoidance of alcoholic and caffeinated drinks during this time and the reduction in the consumption of food high in protein, such as red meat as they tended to increase metabolic heat.

“Eat fresh fruits and vegetables which are better options, monitor your blood pressure to make sure you are within the normal range and stay indoors whether in the home or office between noon and 3pm each day as much as possible.

“Taking cold water baths before going to bed at night is also not a bad way of regulating the body temperature and keeping the heat at bay”, he added

“Compliance with this simple change in lifestyle could be all it takes to avert a very unpleasant situation because our life may depend on it”, Ajagbe advised.

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