Reliable Source: weird & Strange as House of Reps speaker’s aid allegedly murders an innocent vendor.

A police officer attached to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila reportedly shot a newspapers vendor in the head on Thursday, November 19, 2020. The incident was said to have occurred at the Federal Secretariat, Abuja, around 3 pm.

According to source, the victim, whose name was given as Ifeanyi Okereke died shortly after he was rushed to the National Hospital by his brother and some police officers. Okereke was shot dead hours after his wife gave birth to a baby on Thursday.

The newspaper reports that the shooting incident happened when Okereke and other street vendors flocked around the convoy of the Speaker, who called them to give them money
Sources said, “The speaker called to give vendors money and the security aide just shot him (Okereke) in the head. He was rushed to the National Hospital where he died some hours later.”
One of the vendors, Abdullahi Seidu said, the yet-to-be-identified security aide could not explain why he shot Okereke when Gbajabiamila confronted him.
“The vendors and other hawkers usually run after VIPs and lawmakers whenever they see them. In fact, they can identify the big men by their vehicles. So, the vendors flocked around the speaker’s convoy and he gave them some money but a gunshot just went off.
“The bullet hit Ifeanyi in the head and he fell down. The officer who fired the gun said he wanted to fire in the air,” Seidu said.

However, the Speaker is yet to comment on the incident.

Source: The pulse

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