Surprise Album ‘Music To Be Murdered’ realised by Eminem

Detriot multi-platinum rapper and songwriter, Marshall Bruce Mathers III commonly known as Eminem has dropped a surprise LP to his 11th studio album, Music To Be Murdered By.

The album ‘Music To Be Murdered By – Side B’ Deluxe Edition comes 11 months after Eminem surprise-released “Music to Be Murdered By” featuring guest stars Ed Sheeran, Juice WRLD, Young M.A, Anderson, and production from long time friend and mentor Dr. Dre., which followed 2018’s surprise-dropped “Kamikaze.”

Rumours surrounding the release of a new Eminem album had been circulating for several weeks with some notable names in the hip-pop industry leaving breadcrumbs. Eminem collaborator Dem Jointz, who worked on Eminem’s “Lock It Up” and “Never Love Again,” had seemingly confirmed the album via an Instagram photo featuring projects that he had worked on in the year, and it included Side B cover art.

Eminem disclosed the news of his latest album via Twiter on Thursday with some wordplay referencing Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 album of similar title and DC’ comic’s anti-hero {Batman} ever trustworthy butler and friend Alfred Pennyworth.

The 16-track album features 13 full songs with three skits also features Skylar Grey, Ty Dollar Sign, and Sly Pyper with Production from powerhouses of the likes of DJ Premier and Dr. Dre.

The Album also features a controversial track titled”Gnats”which appears to re-ignite the feud with rapper MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) with COVID-19 references and a rhyme scheme.

“They say these bars are like COVID, you get ’em right off the bat,”

“Infected with SARS and Corona, like you took a bite off of that/But it goes from martian to human, that’s how the virus attacks/They come at me with machine guns, it’s like trying to fight off a gnat.

The last line sparked a Twitter debate about whether the “machine gun” mention was intended as another Machine Gun Kelly diss.

The duo had been in a war of words both online and in various diss tracks, Eminem dissed MGK on his 2018 Kamikaze single “Not Alike.” From there, Kelly released “Rap Devil” as a reply but the Detroit rapper put a nail to the coffin with “Killshot,” which most rap enthusiasts feel the title did what it suggested.


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