Lagos consumes half of all animals produced in Nigeria.

Half of all animal produced in Nigeria is consumed in Lagos alone, the state government has said. Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State disclosed this at the commissioning of the new semi-mechanized abattoir for cows and goats under the Public-Private Partnership in Bariga, made known that Lagos State has about 16 abattoirs out of which eleven are owned by the state government.

INFORMATIVE: How to reduce your electricity bill in Lagos

With the recent hike in electricity tariff, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs, especially if you already have a prepaid meter installed at home. Currently, the new tariff increase since October 2020 is over 100%, meaning everyone would start paying twice what they previously paid. Things are hard enough as it is especially in a place like Lagos, and if you don’t plan to pay double, you have to adjust accordingly. Although you would certainly pay more, but knowing how to reduce your electricity usage in Lagos would…