Telegram now deletes messages ‘without a trace’

Telegram rolls out feature that allows users to delete messages, chats, call history, and groups at any time

Telegram, in its bid to capture the market following WhatsApp’s privacy terms and conditions fiasco, has started rolling out new features.

In a Twitter post, the messaging app said that its users could now delete messages, chats, call history, and groups that they created at any time. “Deleted items completely disappear for all participants without a trace – your data is your business, and you have full control over it,” it said.

A day earlier, Telegram introduced a new feature, allowing users to create polls on the messaging app — a move that would allow users to easily make group decisions.

“Polls can be anonymous and can allow for multiple votes, making them perfect for anything from choosing electing planetary governors to choosing lunch,” Telegram announced on its official Twitter page

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