There is no real competition for Headies, – Vector

Olanrewaju Ogunmefun also know as Vector Tha Viper has taken to Twitter to air his opinion about Headies award and few other things. In his exact tweet, he said:

“As for the Headies. I stopped entering for it because I don’t want to compete with rappers (I can easily beat them on a one on one but that was Unilag).
I’m grown now. Awards actually don’t mean anything to me anymore. Let new people win awards.
I intentionally removed myself from the idea that I have to outdo mode9. It’s not necessary. Ask him about me in the studio and he will tell you. I don’t care about clout… I just want to make music. Fuck money too. That shit comes and goes anyway. Make Hennessy tell una how much my deal is worth as a rapper? Lol.
But that’s not me. I can brag but it only bring
S more fake people around you anyways.
Stay humble and live easy.
Accolades are just accolades.

Peace to everybody who deserves peace”.

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