Twitter Trend: Chioma’s Davido tending again

The relationship of popular singer, Davido is causing a lot of excitement on Twitter.

It had started with a video showing the singer holding hands with American Instagram model Mya Yafai in Sint Maarten, a country in the Caribbean where Davido has been vacationing.

Some Twitter users reacting to the video have been sympathising with the singer’s third baby mama and fiancée, Chioma Rowland, while others believe that the couple should be left alone.

Twitter user, Vennie said, “If davido was ready serious about Chioma, he’d have used that 1 milli video to do their traditional wedding.”

Another user, Tolulope said, “Davido praising Chioma cooking for his crew “lovingly” reminds me of Miracle saying he loves Nina because of how she sweeps. Kills me every time I remember.”

Popular Twitter user, Jamal said, “Everything eventually comes to an end, even things that are good and that we enjoy. If Davido’s relationship with Chioma has ended, that’s all there is to it. Let’s not make it difficult for either of them to move on.”

Mary Tom said, “Can you people let Davido and Chioma be? It’s her choice to cook or be with David.”

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